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We Offer Elegant Wall Sconces for Every Room in Your Home

If you want to add subtle elegance to your home, you can do so by placing wall sconces in rooms throughout the house. Wright Lighting and Fireside supply and installs wall sconces of all varieties and sizes for customers in San Jose, CA. Our family-owned and -operated company has been offering lighting services to customers throughout the area since 1957, and we have earned a reputation for providing high-quality products and craftsmanship. Among our most popular lighting fixtures are wall sconces. These beautiful features can enliven your rooms, showcase your style, and provide ample illumination. Call us today to learn more.

What Are Wall Sconce Light Fixtures?

Wall sconces are beautiful lighting fixtures that are mounted to your wall to provide light throughout an entire room or a section of it. Rather than using lamps or overhead lighting, homeowners opt to install wall sconces for their ambiance and sophistication. Wall sconces can provide ambient, task, or accent lighting, depending on how you use them. Wright Lighting and Fireside will help you achieve the balance you need by suggesting styles and options that can enhance the atmosphere in your home.

How to Choose Wall Sconces for Your Home

You can use wall sconces in any or every room of your San Jose home. Our team of lighting specialists can help you determine the best ways to use them to achieve your illumination and design goals. There are different factors to consider depending on where you plan on installing your wall sconces. Our suggestions by room include:

  • Hallways and Staircases – For long hallways or staircases, we suggest installing wall sconces roughly six feet apart and six feet from the ground for optimum illumination.
  • Bathroom– The best places to install wall sconces in your bathroom are on either side of your vanity and roughly six feet high.
  • Bedroom– Many people are placing wall sconces in their bedroom in lieu of lamps. We recommend installing them about three feet above the top of your mattress.
  • Living Room– A stylish way to create focal points in your living room is to place wall sconces on either side of them. This grabs attention and serves as a secondary source of light.
  • Outside– We happily install outdoor wall sconces on porches and entryways.

Our Professionals Will Install Your Light Fixtures

Wright Lighting and Fireside has extensive industry experience, and our professionals are capable of installing wall sconces in any room in your house. After selecting the ideal wall sconce from our showroom in San Jose, CA, feel free to request installation services from our experts. We will arrange a time that works within your schedule to visit your home and professionally install your new lighting fixtures.

Different Types of Wall Sconces

You have an abundance of wall sconce options from which to choose at our store in San Jose, CA. But we will not make you meander through our showroom without any guidance. Wright Lighting and Fireside is committed to providing old-fashioned service and helping our customers find the perfect light fixtures for their homes. Among the different types of wall sconces you will find here are:

  • Down Light Sconces– Create a warm, inviting atmosphere by installing down light sconces, which shine light downward toward the floor.
  • Up Light Sconces– You can illuminate a large area with up light wall sconces. Additionally, they can help create the illusion of extra space in the room.
  • Candle Sconces– Candle sconces provide a traditional touch to any room in your home. They resemble candles and come in countless designs.
  • Swing Arm Sconces– If you want the ability to adjust your lighting, opt for swing arm sconces, which will move in multiple directions.
  • Picture Light Sconces– For those who want to draw attention to artwork, we supply picture light sconces that can hang over paintings or murals.
  • Wall Washers– Instead of lighting an entire room, wall washers direct light across a wall.
  • Lantern Wall Sconces– Commonly used outside, lantern wall sconces look like old-fashioned lanterns and are ideal for porches and patios.

Benefits of Using Modern Wall Sconces

Homeowners are proud to showcase their interior design abilities using wall sconces in their bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas throughout the home. But elegance and style are not the only benefits of using modern wall sconces. Others include:

  • Convenience
  • Endless design options
  • Energy efficiency
  • Versatility

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If you want a unique lighting fixture to improve the look and ambiance of your home in San Jose, CA, seek assistance from the professionals at Wright Lighting and Fireside. We will explain your options, including beautiful wall sconces in a plethora of styles. Our team has been serving the area for more than 60 years, and we are eager to add you to our list of satisfied customers. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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