Lighting Fixture Repairs & Restoration in San Jose, CA

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Lighting Fixture Repairs and Installation Services in San JoseSince 1957, Wright Lighting and Fireside has provided expert lighting fixture repairs and replacements to homes all over the San Jose, CA area. We help you show your home in the best light possible by delivering industry-leading lighting systems. You can count on us to keep them lit throughout the years by swiftly fixing them when issues arise. We can even help you upgrade when you decide the lighting is not enough. Replacing older fixtures helps bring your living room into the modern age and can help you accentuate the spaciousness of your living room or dining room. Give us a call today and let us help you bring light into every corner of your home or create the perfect mood no matter the time of night. Give us a call today to see how we can help with lighting fixture repair or replacements and receive an upfront and honest estimate for all the necessary parts and services.

Lighting Repair & Restoration Services from the Pros

Equipped with all the tools and supplies necessary for lighting fixture repairs and replacements, the Wright Lighting and Fireside team quickly get to work delivering our unparalleled services. We have studied traditional and modern systems to be able to provide your home with everything it needs to turn the lights on again. By keeping our fingers on the pulse of newer styles, you can rely on us to update your older systems as well to bring value to your home. Check out some of our lighting fixture repair and replacement services below:

  • Basic light fixture installation
  • Light fixture replacements
  • Antique lamp repairs
  • Custom light fixture creation
  • Socket and wiring replacements
  • Replacement lighting parts

Specialized Lighting Repair & Restoration Services

As mentioned, we do custom lighting fixture repairs and creations. From night lights to massive crystal chandeliers, we can do it all. Want to turn a pair of Harley Davidson tailpipes into wall sconces? We’ve done it. How about turning that beautiful vase into a table lamp? No problem. Whatever idea you have in mind, we work our hardest to bring it to life! We thrive in tackling these types of projects and have all the parts necessary to get your light fixture from the drawing table to your living room side table.

Consider Upgrading Your Lights to Match Your Aesthetic

Have you gone through a recent remodel? Are your light fixtures such as sconces, lamps, or track lighting simply outdated? Allow the expert team at Wright Lighting and Fireside to handle it all. We bring them all into the modern era to match your home’s new aesthetic. We like to think our light fixtures would be timeless, but with modern innovations and advancements in the industry, there are always new ways to light up every room in the house. Maybe your house just needs help with new lighting fixtures? We can help you choose the right ones to bring a sense of modernity to your home. By only working with industry-leading manufacturers, you can select all-new lighting sources throughout the house to breathe new life by highlighting all sections or a room or curating the perfect mood. Our team is the ones to trust because we work swiftly to get them installed and supply them with the proper maintenance during their lifespan in your house.

Why Trust Our Professional Electricians?

For many years, homeowners in the San Jose area have relied on our trustworthy team members when providing lighting fixture repairs and replacements. We equip them with all the right tools, and they carry all the necessary licenses and certifications to give you confidence when hiring our team. Our specialists dedicate themselves to bringing you high-quality lighting services so you can always turn on the lights and feel proud of your fixtures. Each night, these lamps, track lighting, and sconces help you make your way throughout the home. Let us help you make the trip to the fridge for a midnight snack easy by installing, repairing, and maintaining each fixture to ensure they live their most extended life.

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Have you noticed your lights flickering in the house at night? Do you need to replace the original fixtures throughout the home for a remodel? Call on the specialists and experts at Wright Lighting and Fireside to get everything you need with our exceptional light fixture repairs and replacements. We can schedule a visit to take a look at the broken pieces and develop a quick solution using industry-leading parts. You will also receive an upfront and honest estimate for all services and components. We take pride in our ability to be as transparent as possible when it comes to the fees because we don’t want anything to come as a shock or surprise. Our customers appreciate this about us as well, which is why they have relied on us for over 70 years.

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