Recessed and Undercabinet Lighting in San Jose

Whether you are building a new home or renovating an existing home, recessed lighting will be a key element in lighting your spaces. Sizes generally range from 6″ all the way down to 2″. Incandescent and fluorescent has been the only choices until recently. Low-voltage halogen and LED are quickly replacing the standard options, yielding much more energy efficiency and a much higher quality of light.

Undercabinet lighting adds additional task lighting to your workspace. In a kitchen, it also provides illumination to detailed backsplashes. Fluorescent, halogen, xenon, LED; we have it all, and can walk you through which options would be the best for your project.

Bring your granite sample, cabinet doors and paint swatches into our lighting lab. Here, you can see all of your materials under each lighting source and choose which source is best for you. Seeing is believing!

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