Outdoor and Landscape Lighting in San Jose, CA

Illuminate Your San Jose Outdoor Space with Wright Lighting

Outdoor And Landscape Lighting in San Jose

In addition to providing all your indoor lighting needs, Wright Lighting and Fireside is the San Jose, CA expert in outdoor and landscape lighting. All of our outdoor lighting products have been carefully selected to offer you the best in both quality and value. We feature all the newest looks and styles, as well as all the top brands and designers. From traditional outdoor lighting designs and patio party lights to low voltage landscape products with a cutting-edge, contemporary flair, you’ll find it all right here. Outdoor lighting is another excellent area to use LED lighting. Wright Lighting and Fireside has a great selection of quality LED outdoor lights to cut energy costs and keep you from ever-changing a light bulb again!

San Jose Landscape Lighting Specialists

Wright Lighting and Fireside proudly serves the Greater San Jose area. We’re an experienced low voltage landscape lighting company. Our team offers complete repair, replacement, and installations of outdoor lighting and landscaping systems. Whether you’re looking to install a new system or upgrade or expand your current system, we can help you with all your outdoor lighting needs. Contact us to learn about your bright future with LED lighting. Our trained and experienced lighting technicians work with both LED and incandescent lighting systems, and we assure you’ll have a high-quality landscape lighting system you can enjoy for years to come.

Custom Outdoor Lighting Solutions

Our San Jose landscape lighting designers can design and install custom lighting systems based on your needs and desires. You can have your house lit up like a showcase home or opt for a comfortable and inviting atmosphere for entertaining guests. Our team works closely with you, so you end up with an outdoor lighting system exceeding your expectations. Whether you’re looking for pathway lighting for driveways and walkways or spotlighting for plants, trees, and architectural features, we’ve got you covered. Check out some of the many types of outdoor lighting we offer:

  • LED lighting
  • Incandescent lighting
  • Patio lighting
  • Tree lighting
  • Plant lighting
  • Pathway lighting
  • Fountain lighting
  • Courtyard lighting
  • Garden lighting
  • Entrance lighting
  • Driveway lighting

Landscape Lighting Repair and Replacement in San Jose, CA

If you already have an outdoor lighting system in place, Wright Lighting and Fireside offers outdoor lighting repair in San Jose, CA. Our trained technicians can diagnose your system by accessing the wiring, transformer, fixtures, timer, and bubs to determine the heart of the problem. We’ll let you know what we found and provide you with our recommendations for fixing it. In addition to new installations and repairs, we also specialize in outdoor lighting system upgrades. If your landscape lighting doesn’t show off the beauty of your yard in the evening or allow you to walk on pathways in your yard worry-free, it’s time to contact our team. We can also help if you have trouble taking out the garbage cans after dark because you can’t see where you’re going, or you’re tired of always needing to have your lighting system repaired. Contact us today or visit our showroom to see all we have to offer.

Commercial Outdoor Lighting Projects

If you own or operate a business or commercial property, we can help you by designing an outdoor lighting plan to balance your atmosphere and the impact it leaves on customers. Wright Lighting and Fireside will help you create an attractive atmosphere and functionality to attract guests or customers. You don’t need the harsh, bright overhead flood lamps when you could have warm and inviting lighting on a patio or pathway. Our team will help you define your property with roofline lighting, color washes, and tree wraps. Decorative lighting can make your property more easily identifiable to passersby during any season.

Lighting the Way in San Jose

No matter your outdoor lighting needs or preferences, Wright Lighting and Fireside has the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Don’t be left in the dark, contact us today to find out what we can do for you! We specialize in adding ambiance and warmth to your home with our light fixtures and gas fireplaces. We provide energy-efficient lighting solutions so your home will look great without breaking the bank. We also specialize in fireplaces and fans to keep your home at the perfect temperature in style. Wright Lighting and Fireside has been family-owned and -operated since 1967, and our focus is delivering exceptional customer service while helping our clients find the right lighting and fireplace solutions for their homes. We provide friendly customer service and extensive expertise in design for our vast selection of quality products at competitive prices. We encourage you to find out how we can help you make the most of your home and outdoor space by visiting our showroom in San Jose, CA.

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