Monorail / Track Lighting in San Jose

Track lighting is all about flexibility. It give you the ability to place lights anywhere along the run, point them to add light in an area and move them as your furniture or lifestyle requires.

Monorail takes track lighting to a whole new level. Until Monorail, track lighting was very basic looking and always straight. Monorail is hand-bendable and allows you to freeform any shape you like while still also having the ability to place lights along the rail.

Monorail systems typically run on 12 volts, so a transformer is required. Transformers are available as a simple retrofit style or can be placed in an attic. The use of low-voltage lighting requires careful planning and an experienced person to properly design the system. At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we are experts in low-voltage lighting. In fact, many manufacturers regularly consult us for new designs and even troubleshooting.

The Monorail is much smaller in scale than standard track. The directions fixtures and pendants come in a variety of sizes and have dozens of glass shades to choose from. Most are produced in Italy and other parts of Europe, while some come from the Pacific Northwest. Hundreds of gorgeous art glass pendants are available to add that finishing touch to your kitchen. Or place 3 pendants over your dining room table, for an elegant option to a chandelier. The design possibilities are endless!

Visit Wright Lighting and Fireside to see our vast selection of beautiful pendants, as well as many applications and shapes of Monorail and track lighting.

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