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Light fixtures are more than just a source of light in your home—they are also an important stylistic element of your décor. Home lighting plays an important role in the overall look and feel of your home, making your choice of light fixtures in San Jose a crucial one. Wright Lighting and Fireside can help you select the right types of indoor and outdoor lighting to add both style and comfort to your home.

Types of Lighting

Ambient lighting refers to light fixtures that generate a comfortable level of light for general visibility. This type of lighting should provide overall illumination to make an area safe for movement and comfortable for everyday tasks. A good home lighting design should incorporate a central source of ambient lighting in each room. Types of light fixtures that produce ambient lighting include:

Task lighting is designed to provide directed light for tasks such as writing, reading, cooking, grooming, and hobbies. The best types of task lighting create adequate light levels within a defined amount of space without producing glare or shadows to prevent eyestrain. Task lighting can be provided by:

Accent lighting is a stylistic element that enhances the cosmetic appeal of your home. This type of lighting is not necessary for safety or performing tasks but instead highlights design features or decorative pieces. A general rule of thumb is that accent light fixtures should provide three times as much light for their focal point as the area’s ambient lighting levels. Types of accent light fixtures include:

Choosing Light Fixtures for Your Home

Your choice of light fixtures will depend upon many factors. Different light fixtures are designed with certain functions in mind, so first determine whether you want to accent, task, or ambient lighting. Next, consider the décor of your room; your light fixtures should blend with and enhance your décor, making your decorating style an important factor in any lighting decision. Table lamps and wall sconces work well in traditional settings, while more modern or contemporary homes can benefit from the stylistic elements offered by track and recessed lighting. You can use your light fixtures to dress up or dress down any room, creating exactly the atmosphere you want through both a combination of lighting and style. If you’re ready to get started, contact Wright Lighting and Fireside of San Jose today by calling (408) 979-0800.

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