Tips for Buying a Chandelier in San Jose, CA

Wright Lighting and Fireside Has Your Chandelier Answers

Would you like to add a chandelier to your dining room or front entrance? Would you like to bring elegance and class to your home or office? Wright Lighting and Fireside has helped home and business owners for many years with chandelier shopping. We know how to find suitable options to fit your home, and your design wants. Not every chandelier is created equally, and there are things you need to pay attention to when buying. With our team on your side, you can safeguard yourself from artificial materials, inferior materials, and overpricing.

When you have questions, Wright Lighting and Fireside has answers. We have studied all modern and traditional chandeliers options to provide you with the most expansive selection when purchasing for your home. Installation is another service we provide because we understand all the details involved with this process. Your average DIY-er may have difficulty completing this project, so having pros on your side will help it go much smoother. Give us a call today and allow us to help you find, purchase, and install a new chandelier for your home.

Check the Size of Chandelier Before Buying

The first thing you need to figure out after deciding to purchase a chandelier is how big you want to go with it and what size will fit in your space. Getting exact measurements before you start shopping will help reduce the number of chandeliers you can look through and narrow your scope to find the best option possible. It is vital to correct this information because you do not want your new in-house feature to bump against the walls causing damage to itself and your home. We take into account how tall your ceilings are and how wide it is between each wall. It would be best to consider the average height of your guests, furniture, and other wall art when measuring.

Let the Pros Help You With Chandelier Styles and Finishes

Shopping for a chandelier is an exciting time for any purchaser. The design and aesthetic appeal can be truly beautiful, and with a wide selection of styles and finishes to choose from, it can be pretty overwhelming. Rely on our experienced team to help guide you to the perfect option for your space. We can help you determine if you need something fancy with dangling crystals or if you would like simpler with cloth coverings over the light. Below are some of the styles you can choose from:

Shaded Chandeliers – This option pulls double duty by giving your room style and control over the brightness each bulb provides. You will have plenty of options with fabric color and style when fitting your chandelier with shades.

Tiered Chandeliers – If you’re looking at these chandeliers, you need to make sure you have enough space from your ceiling. They add so much style to your space and enhance by adding multiple levels of light. You can go from two levels up to ten or more, depending on how much space you can fit.

Candelabra Chandeliers – Unlike their predecessors, these modern versions do not use candles but instead faux candles with bulbs mimicking flames. Give your home a historical look with the added safety of contemporary innovation and design.

Crystal Chandeliers – This is the style that comes to mind most when considering a chandelier for your home. The light elegantly reflects off each crystal to expand your aesthetic across the room. Although they look expensive, we can find one to match your budget easily.

Drum Chandeliers – These might seem like they belong in the shaded chandelier, but they are unique enough to have a classification all their own. This style can use a variety of different fabrics for the drum shape. You can also choose other materials such as crystals to create fun effects with the light.

Mini Chandeliers – You don’t need ample space to install a graceful chandelier in your home. We have mini options to help homeowners add classes to their entryway, dining room, or living room. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, colors, and materials.

Factors To Consider When Buying a Chandelier

For years, our team has helped families when considering buying a chandelier for the home. Some factors need consideration which most do not think of until afterward. We can help you save time and money by guiding you to the perfect option in your home. Below are some of those factors:

  • Know your interior design theme
  • Consider your space
  • Cost, Size & Weight

Learn How to Maintain Your Chandelier

Once you purchase and install your chandelier, you will want to know how to maintain and clean it to protect it. Give your chandelier the best life possible so it can continue to provide your space with comfortable lighting and elegance. Give us a call anytime you have questions or need assistance with these maintenance services. Our staff is equipped with the knowledge and tools to clean any chandelier thoroughly.

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