Ways to Use Recessed Lighting in Your Bathroom

Install Bathroom Recessed Lighting the Right Way

Since 1957, Wright Lighting and Fireside has helped home, and business owners improve their bathrooms by adding recessed lighting. By tucking them into the ceiling, you can conceal them from view and allow your space to seem much more significant. We can help make it look narrow for highlighting or broaden the light to illuminate the whole room. When you decide you need a new way to light up your bathroom, please give us a call. Our team provides design and installation experience to ensure you make the right decision for your San Jose, CA home or office. Over our many years in the industry, we have come across plenty of different scenarios and help you find the best materials.

Going with recessed lights in your bathroom provides many benefits outside of their discreetness. Benefits include their clean and modern look, which can work with any style you have in the room. Another great reason to choose recessed lighting is its multifunctionality. You can use them to create an ambient, task, or accent lighting. Reach out to our specialists today to begin the newest lighting project in your home.

What is the Best Placement for Recessed Lighting in a Bathroom?

Your average DIY-er more than likely has the tools to get this job accomplished but trusting professionals with your recessed lighting project. We can ensure minimal damage and a finished project you will be proud of for years to come. We know exactly where to place them to exceed your project’s goals of bringing the right amount of light to your bathroom. Our team begins by determining the purpose of your bathroom lighting. Are you looking to illuminate the entire space? Do you need a light over your shower? Once we figure this our we can decide where the holes in your ceiling need to be cut. You can also count on us to use specific trims for these fixtures to prevent damage from your shower’s moisture.

What Size Recessed Lights Are Best for Bathrooms?

Another step we will take before beginning your bathroom remodels is the size of recessed lights you need. The size can range anywhere from three inches to six inches based on your individualized needs for lighting. Small lights help differentiate areas within your bathroom or are a great idea for illuminating smaller areas. Using big lights in this space can be overwhelming for visitors and make them uncomfortable. Work with our professionals to give everyone a positive experience in this often-visited room of your house or office. Master or luxury bathrooms benefit from larger recessed lights because we can use fewer when brightening these rooms. Many customers have come to us for help because they are tired of getting ready in the dark for the day. Reach out today to get the right-sized recessed lighting for your bathroom.

Types of Recessed Lighting Trims

Each type of recessed lighting requires us to install trim around the base for further protection. Your bathroom sees moisture in many different forms. Steam from the shower can get into these recessions, and if they are not correctly sealed, you could damage including mold and mildew. Below are some of the different trims available for recessed lighting:

Baffle: Create a variety of light cones by setting up your bulbs into the ceiling and using different baffles. We can set them up to give you the perfect amount of light for your space.

Open: Best used for larger areas, this trim allows the bulb to be level with the ceiling to give the most light. Clearly, see every inch of your space with open trim recessed lighting.

Eyeball & Gimbal: These trim options bring the bulb just past the ceiling level to allow you to move them. Chose their direction when you need to highlight specific areas of the bathroom

Pinhole: Create a focused beam by closing in the opening where light comes through the ceiling. Highlight a portrait, painting, or particular area in the bathroom.

Shower: When placing recessed lighting above your shower, you need tempered glass and a tight seal to prevent the steam from wrecking your structure.

Unique Bathroom Recessed Lighting Layout Ideas

Not only can our team remodel your bathroom to include recessed lights in the ceiling, but we can place them into the wall as well. This exciting and more modern approach to recessed options opens up your bathroom to numerous lighting possibilities.

Count on Wright Lighting and Fireside for Your Next Project

Wright Lighting and Fireside come to your home equipped with numerous options for recessed lighting in your bathroom. Trust our many years of experience and knowledge in the industry to help create a truly unique space in your San Jose, CA home or office. Give us a call and schedule your initial consultation. Our designers and installers will go over your options based on your needs and wants for your bathroom’s lighting.

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