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Bathroom lighting is a necessity that should not be overlooked. Wright Lighting and Fireside provides the bathroom vanity lighting options for homeowners near San Jose, CA. An adequately illuminated vanity will leave no shadows on the face and will accurately reproduce colors on clothing, as well as makeup. A fixture mounted on the wall such as above or on a mirror will produce the most functional effect. Recessed lights will add ambiance to a bathroom, although it should not be relied upon for tasks. Add a recessed light to highlight the beautiful tile work in your shower. A mini-chandelier above a bathtub will make bath time more enjoyable. Read on for more bathroom lighting ideas. Our team provides bathroom lighting installation services and can help you choose the perfect lighting for your restroom. We’re the trusted source for bathroom lighting in San Jose, so contact our team today.

Common Types of Bathroom Lighting

Your bathroom should be your sanctuary and an area of your home that revives your spirits and rejuvenates you. It’s the first room you’ll spend time in after you wake up, and subpar lighting can put a damper on your day. There are many types of bathroom lighting you’ll want to consider. Whether you’re going with modern bathroom lighting or a more rustic look, here are a few of the most common types of bathroom lighting:

  • Ambient Lighting – Serving as the base lighting of the entire room, ambient lighting illuminates the whole bathroom. It’s most common in older bathrooms and doesn’t cater to any particular lighting needs.
  • Accent Lighting – This is an important type of bathroom lighting from the design perspective. Accent lighting might make up the majority of your bathroom lighting budget. Accent lights usually show off the more beautiful parts of your bathroom, such as the wall, tiles, or shower basin. Using accent lighting can add layers to the entire bathroom.
  • Task Lighting – Just as it sounds, task lighting is used to help you perform specific tasks in the restroom. For example, your bathroom mirror needs different lighting that enhances your appearance. That’s why you’ll often see vanity lights above a mirror. Task lights are also popular for shower and bathtubs.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

You’ll want to start by thinking about the activities you perform in the bathroom and what lighting can assist you in making the room more beautiful. Choosing lighting that promotes a relaxed environment is also a good place to start. Check out these bathroom lighting ideas to help point you in the right direction:

  • General Lighting – Your restroom’s general lighting is often provided from overhead using a globe, pendant, or a few downlights. Each area of your bathroom has different lighting possibilities, and the room can be broken up by fixtures and fittings.
  • Mirror Lighting – Getting your mirror lighting right can help you look your best when you get ready in the morning. A flattering light can boost your self-confidence, but you want lighting that paints an accurate picture. You should consider mirror lighting from overhead and the side.
  • Bath Lighting – Whether you use the bath to relax or to bathe young children, the area needs proper lighting. Your options include a ceiling globe above the tub, a pair of spotlights, strip lights, a panel of light behind the bath, wall mounted lights, eye-level lights, or a niche around the bath.
  • Shower Lighting – While many bathrooms have a combined bath and shower, others don’t. The overhead dome light is also popular in a stand-alone shower, as are downlights, strip lights, spotlights, LED lighting, shower wall lighting, and more.
  • Sink Lighting – You might be surprised to learn how many options you have with your washbasin. You can use a lighting strip under the vanity surface, a light strip or row of LEDs in the vanity toe kick, a few small uplights on the surface of the vanity, backlighting, and more.
  • Toilet Lighting – You can’t forget this area, which can be complemented by a ceiling-mounted globe light or a downlight as well as a niche behind the toilet, floor level lighting, and more.

Tips When Choosing Bathroom Lights

Now that you know a bit more about the types of bathroom lighting, check out the following tips for choosing the perfect light for the room.

  • Choose modern lighting – Look for affordable solutions such as LEDs. Light dimmers can save you money and customize your experience.
  • Adopt good lighting for appearance – Whether you’re dressing to the nines or doing your makeup, the right mirror lighting can make all the difference. Vanity lights can also contain LEDs. Ensure sconces and wall lights are mounted at eye level.
  • Experiment with colorful tones – It’s easy to match your mood or tone with innovative lighting features in LED lights. The right colors can help you relax in the tub or make the room more aesthetically appealing.
  • Avoid going overboard – Don’t get too carried away with bathroom lighting. Getting creative is fine but going over the top can make the room feel cluttered or disjointed. Our team is here to help!

Make the Wright Choice for Bathroom Lighting

If you’re ready to update your bathroom’s lighting, make the right choice by turning to the expert team at Wright Lighting and Fireside. We’re here to assist you in choosing the proper lighting, and then our professionals will install it for you. We have energy-efficient solutions and encourage you to check out our light lab. Contact us today for bathroom lighting services in San Jose, CA.

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