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It goes without saying your lighting is an essential part of any space. Despite the everyday functionality of lighting, many homeowners don’t put as much thought into their lighting fixtures as they should. Wright Lighting and Fireside is here to help. Our team of lighting experts knows how to give your space atmosphere you envision, complete with lighting fixtures that are as practical as they are elegant. Whether you’re looking into adding lighting to your bathroom or are interested in exploring your options for opulent chandeliers, we have the lighting supplies you need in San Jose, CA.

Brightening Your Bathroom with Our Lighting Services:

Among the top requests, we receive at Wright Lighting and Fireside is help with bathroom lighting. Luckily, our team is well-equipped to help you choose and install lighting for all kinds of uses. Bathroom lighting should accurately reproduce colors and leave the face free of shadows for easier makeup application or shaving. Many San Jose homeowners want stylish sconces mounted over a vanity mirror, and others prefer the look of recessed lighting. Whatever your aesthetic, our inventory is sure to feature something you’ll love.

Create a Classic Aesthetic with Opulent Chandeliers

Perhaps you already have satisfactory lighting fixtures, but you’re looking to upgrade to something more elegant. Why not choose a fixture synonymous with splendor? Chandeliers from Wright Lighting and Fireside take your San Jose, CA home to the next level. Many of our customers want this lighting service to upgrade their dining room, but others would rather make a statement with a chandelier in the bathroom. Our lighting supplies experts can install a chandelier in any room in your home.

Shine a Light with LED Lighting in San Jose

Tired of skyrocketing electricity bills? A simple change to LED lighting supplies often makes a significant difference in energy consumption and results in lower bills. Besides benefits for your wallet, LED light bulbs last up to 50,000 hours and boast high color quality. However, San Jose homeowners need to stay vigilant when shopping for LED lighting supplies, as some models compromise on quality. Look to Wright Lighting and Fireside to help you choose the best long-lasting LED bulbs.

Flexible Lighting Solutions for Frequent Redecorating

Some San Jose homeowners come to Wright Lighting and Fireside looking for flexible lighting services. If you need lighting fixtures that can move every time you redecorate, track lighting is for you! With track or monorail lighting comes nearly endless design possibilities. However, these fixtures also come with a few extra steps for installation. Never fear—our expert lighting services team is here to streamline the installation process for you.

Take Full Advantage of Outdoor Space with Lighting Supplies

Even if you’re content with your indoor lighting supplies, you may want to invest in outdoor lighting services in San Jose, CA. Choose from temporary lighting fixtures you can break out for parties or opt for contemporary lighting design to elevate your patio year-round. Illuminate all your outdoor space with help from Wright Lighting and Fireside.

Spruce Up Your Lighting Scheme with Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is gaining popularity in San Jose, CA, and for good reason. Their customizable style adds both a touch of elegance and individuality to any space. Choose from rustic designs to install above a kitchen island or adventurous multi-colored lights for an office space. No matter your style preferences, Wright Lighting and Fireside’s lighting services can accommodate you.

Open Up Your San Jose Living Space with Recessed Lighting

Sometimes a space doesn’t call for stylish lighting fixtures and elegant flair. If this is the case for your San Jose home, recessed lighting may be the solution for you. Recessed lighting sits into the ceiling, both opening and brightening a living room or bedroom. Wright Lighting and Fireside also installs undercabinet lighting in kitchens across the Bay Area for better-lit countertop space and to highlight backsplashes.

Try Something a Little Different with Wall Sconces

Perhaps your San Jose home has little floor space for a lamp, or maybe you want to evoke the ambiance of a European side street. Whatever the case, be sure to consider wall sconces from Wright Lighting and Fireside. Wall sconces are a chic alternative to traditional lighting supplies and are sure to awe your guests. Ask our staff for tips on where to install wall sconces in your home.

Providing Repair & Restoration Lighting Services in San Jose

Even the best-maintained and expertly installed lighting supplies malfunction sometimes. If you’re experiencing problems with your lamps or lighting fixtures, Wright Lighting and Firesides are your local repair professionals in San Jose, CA. Besides lighting repair services, we’re also skilled at restoring everyday objects and turning them into lighting features. We’ll transform intricate vases into table lamps, champagne glasses into pendant lighting, and much more.

Choose Us for a Wide Selection and Exceptional Service

Whether you’re renovating your home or building a house from scratch, you’ll need a plethora of lighting supplies to get the job done. San Jose, CA and the Bay Area trust Wright Lighting and Fireside for all kinds of lighting services. We’ve worked with homeowners to install conventional recessed lighting, as well as helped more ambitious clients to custom-design their lighting solutions. No matter which of our lighting services stands out to you, contact us today for unparalleled customer service.

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