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Fireplace Solutions by Wright Lighting and Fireside

Wright Lighting and Fireside is here to keep your fireplace up and running with repair services, upgrades, and remotes. We know how essential fireplaces are to San Jose, CA homeowners. You don’t want to be without your fireplace during our cold winters. If your fireplace isn’t working correctly, our team can repair it for you. We can also upgrade your fireplace to make it more functional or stylish. For the utmost convenience, add a remote to your fireplace. There are multiple options available to fit almost any fireplace, and all of the remotes and receivers are powered with simple battery packs. Our team offers expert service and repair for existing gas fireplaces in addition to our new installation services. Not only can we get your gas fireplace working, but we can also upgrade it to an electronic ignition and reface the unit to change its look completely. Transform your basic fireplace to a beautiful and decorative focal point that you can be proud of. Learn more and contact us for trusted fireplace services.

What is the Purpose of a Fireplace?

Your home’s fireplace adds beauty and warmth. Although it may look simple in appearance, your fireplace is a carefully engineered appliance. When maintained properly, fireplaces can last for more than 100 years. Your fireplace serves to warm up your home, and the firebox keeps the heat in the fireplace from coming into contact with combustible elements such as your walls, flooring, and mantel. The chimney carries the smoke and exhaust upwards to escape your home and allow for safe operation.

Fireplace Repairs

No matter what’s wrong with your fireplace, we’re here to help. We want to ensure you can enjoy your fireplace all winter. There’s no need to panic because fireplace repairs are necessary at some point in time. Learn more about some of the most common causes of fireplace repair:

  • Chimney – Your fireplace’s chimney is a complex structure. Any issues inside the stack can be devastating. Regular chimney maintenance is critical and should include inspections, cleanings, and repointing. If the damage is severe, a complete reconstruction may be required.
  • Damper – Your damper may fail to open if it becomes caked in soot. Broken or cracked dampers can trap the smoke inside your home, making them very dangerous and unusable.
  • Flue – This element of your fireplace conveys exhaust gasses to the outdoors. Defective flues need to be replaced before you can safely use your fireplace again.
  • Structural Problems – Even the most structurally sound fireplaces can deteriorate over time, sometimes requiring masonry to be replaced or reinforced. Our team can perform basic pointing or complete brick overhauls to keep your fireplace safe and functional.

Fireplace Upgrades

Upgrading your fireplace often makes more sense than replacing it altogether. Whether your fireplace isn’t making it due to an outdated appearance, heating inefficiency, or safety concerns, you can save money by having it upgraded rather than replaced. Check out the following information to find out when and why you may want to upgrade your fireplace.

  • Improved Efficiency – Traditional fireplaces are not energy efficient. Upgrading your fireplace can make it more affordable to use and justify using it for heating your home. Some things our team can do include installing a fireplace insert and making sure your damper is sealed tightly.
  • Updated Appearance – If you’re not satisfied with how your fireplace looks, we can help. Some of your best options include a new mantel or fireplace face. There are many materials to choose from, and you can go with an elaborate mantel or no mantel at all. We can also install glass doors or convert our fireplace into a gas fireplace.
  • Enhanced Safety – No one wants to feel unsafe. Our team can evaluate your fireplace for safety and make any appropriate changes.

Fireplace Remotes

You might be wondering if you can use a remote control with your fireplace. That depends on your gas valve type. Our team would be happy to determine if you can use a remote control with your existing fireplace, and we can upgrade your fireplace to make it remote control compatible. While fireplace remote controls are not required to operate your fireplace, they can make doing so easier. Learn more about your remote control options:

  • On/Off Remote Controls – The most basic option that adds convenience.
  • Thermostatic Remote Controls – Control your fireplace based on temperature and regulate the feel of the room.
  • Timer Remote Controls – Automatically shut down your fireplace after a given period of time, so you don’t forget to turn it off.
  • Programmable Thermostat Remote Controls – Control your fireplace ahead of time based on the time of day, so you have complete control.
  • Wall-Mount Remote Control Units – Mount your remote to the wall like a light switch, so you don’t lose it.
  • Smart Home Controllers – Control your fireplace with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to complete your smart home.

The Wright Choice for Your Fireplace

You can count on Wright Lighting and Fireside for all the fireplace services you need in San Jose, CA. We can repair your fireplace to get it working properly, upgrade your fireplace, and provide remote control options for convenience. Our team is dedicated to keeping homeowners warm and comfortable, and we specialize in fireplaces. We partner with local fireplace vendors to ensure your fireplace needs are met. Contact us today to learn more or schedule service.

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