Heat Exchangers for San Jose, CA Customers

Replace Your Fireplace Heat Exchanger for Better Performance

For homeowners with a gas- or wood-powered fireplace, heat loss is a real concern. But Wright Lighting and Fireside has a solution: Install a heat exchanger. San Jose, CA customers can benefit from investing in one due to their ability to capture escaping heat and transfer it back to the fireplace. We have worked hard to find new ways to help our customers over the years. Heat exchangers for gas and wood fireplaces have become increasingly popular. We’ve been in business since 1957, long enough to know the value of selling high-quality products. We keep the top brands in stock, ensuring you enjoy seamless performance 100% of the time.

Solve Inefficiency By Installing A Heat Exchanger

Efficiency is a major concern to homeowners – especially those who have a fireplace. Heat escapes through the vents, flue, and into the house, making the fire less efficient and more costly. Fortunately, Wright Lighting and Fireside sells a broad array of fireplace heat exchangers, which doesn’t just apply to brands. There are three primary styles of exchangers, each of which provides unique benefits. We are well-versed in each one, so you can count on us to deliver unbiased, knowledgeable input throughout the decision-making process.

How Do Fireplace Heat Exchangers Work?

Heat exchangers utilize fans to warm the air around the fireplace then direct them through a network of tubes. The process means the hot air circulates rather than escapes. We install them to wrap around your fire. The blower’s fan brings cold air into the mechanism before converting it to warm air and facilitating efficiency within the fireplace. Gas and electric fireplaces can use heat exchanger to improve their effectiveness and lower energy costs by up to five to 10%.

How Can I Increase the Lifespan of My Heat Exchanger?

Heat exchangers improve efficiency, but they do require frequent cleaning. Soot and other elements become trapped inside the mechanism, leading to reduced effectiveness. For the best results, safely remove the exchanger on a regular basis and clear any obstructions. The most likely culprits are soot and ash. If you do so, you will enjoy the benefits of your heat exchanger for years.

How Can I Extend The Life Of My Heat Exchanger

Another way to ensure your heat exchanger’s lifespan is by being proactive when you sense it is not performing the way it should. If you’re noticing inefficiency, check to make sure the exchanger is clean. We can take a more detailed look at the heat exchanger and determine what problem is impacting it. Usually, the solution is relatively straightforward and cost-effective for our customers.

Options, Quality, and a Five-Year Limited Warranty

We are big believers in providing our customers with quality products built to last. Our heat exchanges are made from 14-gauge steel construction and include a 200 CFM variable-speed blower. They can produce an estimated 40,000 BTU. Best of all, they’re easy to install; all you have to do is slide it into the opening. We offer 16 powder coat or eight overlay finishes and a choice of four louver designs. If you have a gas fireplace, you can count on a special damper. Finally, the power cord can be routed in any way you choose. Contact us today to secure a new fireplace heat exchanger with a five-year limited warranty.

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