Gas Log Fireplace Conversions in San Jose

Quickly and easily convert your wood burning fireplace with a natural gas log conversion and enjoy the many benefits. First, feel better about having a clean-burning fireplace and not contributing to the particulate matter in the air.

Second, enjoy the convenience of turning a valve and lighting a match to start your fireplace. When you are done, shut the valve off and you are off to bed. No more babysitting the fire to get it to extinguish. No more newspaper to light it and awful smoke that makes you sick. Natural gas burns much cleaner than wood and is very inexpensive to operate (pennies per day). “Spare the Air” days are no longer an issue either, as you can use your gas logs on these days without issue.

Gas log conversions give you all the advantages at a fraction of the cost of ugly inserts. No special ducting is required. No electricity is required. In fact, our optional remote ignition systems even operate on a battery pack!

We have quite a few reliable remote options, which provides you with the convenience of a gas fireplace at the push of a button on a remote.

Our gas logs provide the most realistic look on the market. Multi-point burners, hand cast logs (which are hand dyed for ultra realism) and glowing embers will make your guests think you have a real wood fire burning.

Wright Lighting and Fireside has converted thousands of fireplaces, with a long list of extremely satisfied customers. Come see our broad selection of gas log conversions.

Installation is available for your gas insert and gas fireplace.

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