Gas Log Fireplace Conversions in San Jose, CA

Wright Lighting and Fireside Converts Your Wood Fireplace

Wright Lighting and Fireside can quickly and easily convert your wood-burning fireplace into a gas log fireplace. Your new gas log fireplace will be perfect for those chilly San Jose nights. You’ll enjoy many benefits with a gas log fireplace conversion. You’ll feel better about doing your part for the environment with a clean-burning fireplace that doesn’t contribute to the particulate matter in the air. A gas log fireplace will help you enjoy the convenience of only needing to turn a valve and light a match to get your fire started. When you’re done enjoying the fire, just shut the valve off, and you’re all done. This means no more babysitting the fire until it’s fully extinguished. It also means no more newspapers to light the fire or awful smoke that makes you sick. Natural gas burns much cleaner than wood and is very inexpensive to operate. You won’t have to worry about “Spare the Air” days anymore either.

Trusted Fireplace Conversion Experts in San Jose

Gas log conversions give you all the advantages at a fraction of the cost of ugly fireplace inserts. No electricity or special ducting is required. In fact, our optional remote ignition systems even operate on a battery pack! We offer a variety of reliable remotes so you can enjoy the convenience of a gas fireplace at the push of a button. Our gas logs provide the most realistic look on the market. Multi-point burners, hand-cast logs, and glowing embers will make your guests think you have a real wood fire burning. Wright Lighting and Fireside has converted thousands of fireplaces in San Jose, with a long list of extremely satisfied customers. Come see our broad selection of gas log conversions at our showroom. Installation is available for your gas insert and gas fireplace, so contact our team today.

The Best Reasons to Convert Your Wood Fireplace to Gas

The most common reasons for converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas are convenience and efficiency. A gas fireplace burns cleaner and is easy to use. It requires virtually no time to start and stop your fire. You won’t need to chop or store wood. You also won’t have to tend to the fire, wait around for it to burn out, or clean up the ash. Learn more about all the benefits of converting your wood fireplace to gas:

  • Cost – Gas fireplaces cost less to install than wood fireplaces. Gas fireplaces don’t require vertical chimneys and can be installed into walls or stand on their own. They don’t require as much maintenance as wood fireplaces do, and they can add to the resale value of your home.
  • Fuel & Storage – With a gas fireplace, you don’t need to worry about buying or cutting wood and tinder. Gas is carried through underground pipes or holdings tanks. Wood fireplaces constantly require a supply of logs that take up valuable space, time, and money to maintain.
  • Cleanliness – Gas fireplaces do not emit as much soot as wood fireplaces. Soot often leaves owners of wood fireplaces with a sticky, greasy layer. Wood fireplaces also require more cleaning and maintenance than gas versions. With a wood fireplace, you need to clean the chimney and clean up debris after hauling wood, as well as cleaning up the piles of ash left behind. None of these chores are required with a gas fireplace.
  • Convenience – Gas fireplaces are very easy to use. All you need to do is flip the on/off switch to ignite and put out the fire. You can even use a remote control to start the fire and control its intensity. With a wood-burning fireplace, you’ll have to check the draft, set up the logs, crumple up paper, and tend to the fire. Save time and effort by having Wright Lighting and Fireside convert your wood fireplace into gas!
  • Safety & Insurance – Your new gas fireplace will have a safety shutoff system to prevent gas from leaking. In addition, the size of the flames will never get out of hand. Wood fireplaces have a higher risk of fire accidents. Both fireplace types require an annual inspection from a certified professional like Wright Lighting and Fireside.
  • Efficiency – Gas fireplaces produce more heat than wood versions. Wood fireplaces lose about two-thirds of their heat up the chimney, which is not the case with gas. On average, a gas fireplace will give you about two to three times as much heat as a wood fireplace can.
  • Aesthetics – A gas fireplace is designed to look just like the real thing. Nobody will even know it’s not a wood fireplace if you don’t tell them. Gas fireplaces can use realistic-looking logs and are available in a variety of custom designs.

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Wright Lighting and Fireside would be happy to discuss why a gas fireplace would be the best option for your home. We also carry a beautiful selection of fireplace products, including custom glass doors and screens, mantles, and more. Visit our showroom to see some of our fireplace offerings or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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