Have You Considered a Gas Fireplace Installation? 

Trusted for Gas Fireplace Installation in San Jose, CA

A gorgeous, functional gas fireplace is a popular wish list item for homebuyers and homeowners attempting to renovate. Why not make your dream a reality with a little help from Wright Lighting and Fireside? Our professional installation team can brighten up your San Jose home after a quick-and-easy installation process. Simply choose the type, finishes, and location for your new fireplace, and we’ll do the rest! Get in touch with our experienced staff to learn more about our streamlined installation process.

Single, Multi-Sided, or See-Through: What’s Your Type?

Before you schedule your gas fireplace installation, you’ll need to pick what type will go best in your home. Single-sided fireplaces are the traditional option, facing out with a mantle and surrounded with stone to make it blend in or stand out from the rest of the room. Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more interesting. Maybe a see-through gas fireplace installation is better for you and your home’s design. You’ll be able to feel the heat and see the crackling fire from different rooms on either side of a wall. If you want an extra-special design feature, consider a multi-sided fireplace. Multi-sided models are see-through and work perfectly on corners or in the middle of your room. You’ll be able to watch the fire from three or four sides, bringing a heightened sense of warmth and light to your space. Ask the friendly staff at Wright Lighting and Fireside which type of fireplace works best in your home.

Gas Fireplaces for Indoor and Outdoor Living Spaces

Gas fireplaces are an excellent choice for any space, inside or outside. Indoor fireplaces create a cozy atmosphere during all months of the year. Even though San Jose hasn’t seen significant snowfall since 1976, an indoor fireplace can make you feel as though you’re holed up in a Colorado ski lodge. If an indoor gas fireplace installation doesn’t seem like your style, explore your options for an outdoor model. These design features are gaining popularity for their stylish appearance and the comfort they add to an outdoor living space. Whichever location best reflects your lifestyle, you can’t go wrong installing a gas fireplace inside or outside your San Jose, CA home.

Get the Right Look for Your Gas Fireplace Installation

When choosing a gas fireplace to install, you’ll definitely want to consider the design. Many San Jose, CA homeowners opt for the traditional look of natural-looking stone and a rustic mantle to complete their living space. If an old-fashioned appearance isn’t your cup of tea, you’re always welcome to browse the contemporary selections at Wright Lighting and Fireside. Go with a fireplace made up of sleek lines and neutral colors or choose a design melding the modern and conventional.

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace Vs. Wood-Burning Options

Despite the many design options, the question remains: Why choose a gas fireplace over a typical wood-burning option? Firstly, gas fireplaces are safer than most wood-burning ones. Wood-burning fireplaces open up the possibility of sparks flying and catching fire to the carpet or furniture surrounding it. On the other hand, gas fireplaces virtually eliminate the risk of starting a fire elsewhere. In addition to safety benefits, gas fireplaces are easier to clean, don’t require frequent chimney sweeps, and are more energy-efficient. In fact, it’s estimated gas fireplace installations result in a 70% decrease in operating costs.

Our Gas Fireplace Installation Process in San Jose, CA

At Wright Lighting and Fireside, gas fireplace installation is our specialty. We take your vision for your San Jose home and make it a reality. The good news is the installation process is less intrusive to your home, and you won’t need to worry about a support foundation. We begin your gas fireplace installation by placing a vent through the outside wall and priming the area for electrical wiring. Then, we get to work installing the fireplace itself, making sure it’s secure. After the new fireplace is in position, we can get started on the trim and design work surrounding it. Soon enough, your San Jose space will brighten up with a beautiful new fireplace.

San Jose Fireplace Installers You Can Rely On

Looking at gas fireplace installation for your San Jose, CA home? You’ve come to the right place. The team at Wright Lighting and Fireside are among the Bay Area’s experts in gas fireplace installation, as well as ceiling fans and lighting. No matter your fireplace needs, we’re here to accommodate you. From gas log conversions to adding the finishing touches with custom glass doors, Wright Lighting and Fireside does it all. If you’re ready to schedule your gas fireplace installation in San Jose, contact us today.

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