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Add a Gas Fireplace to Your San Jose Home 

Gas Fireplace Insert Installation in San Jose

Fireplaces are synonymous with cozy evenings at home with family. Even for residents of winter-less San Jose, CA, fireplaces bring an air of comfort to any space, inside or out. Whether you’re looking to add a fireplace as a design element or need an energy-efficient heating system, Wright Lighting and Fireside has you covered. We’ve been well-known in the Bay Area since we opened in 1957 for our emphasis on exceptional customer service and products you can trust. When it comes to fireplace installation, we’re here to help with everything from working with designers to staying within a tight budget. Learn more about our fireplace installation services in San Jose, CA.

Benefits of Gas Fireplaces, Even in Mild Climates

Gas fireplaces are an excellent option for homeowners looking for an energy-efficient alternative to conventional wood-burning units. More reasons to choose a gas fireplace installation over other options include no fumes, no sparks, ease of installation, and cost-effectiveness. Unlike wood-burning fireplaces, you’ll never need to worry about making sure you have enough wood, as gas fireplaces boast a constant heat supply. Although you won’t need to worry about a San Jose winter, a gas fireplace installation from Wright Lighting and Fireside keeps your home warm on the chilliest California days.

Experiment with Design Options for Gas Fireplace Inserts

San Jose homeowners also take advantage of gas fireplace inserts. Our fireplace installation team at Wright Lighting and Fireside recommends inserts for our clients who prefer and quick and easy installation process and endless design choices. We’ve worked with clients who love a traditional mantle, as well as homeowners who fall in love with one of our contemporary alternatives. No matter your design preferences, we can customize your gas fireplace insert to your specifications.

Choose Gas Log Conversion Instead of Full Fireplace Install

If you’re sick of stacking wood and building a fire every time you want to use your fireplace, you’re not alone. Join the many San Jose homeowners who have trusted us to a gas log conversion. Gas logs from Wright Lighting and Fireside preserve the aesthetic of a wood-burning fireplace but subtract the work necessary to maintain one. All you’ll need to do to use your fireplace is turn a valve and light a match. Gas logs extinguish with the flip of a switch as well. Moreover, gas log conversions don’t require special ducting or electricity, nor do they produce smoke. If you’re particularly sensitive to excess smoke from typical wood-burning units, gas logs are an especially good choice for you.

Enjoy Luxurious Heating with the Push of a Button

Have you ever wanted to turn the heat on with a flip of a switch? Many homeowners in the Bay Area have. Wright Lighting and Fireside offers several remote ignition systems allowing you to ignite your fireplace with the push of a button! Our friendly staff would be happy to answer your questions or walk you through your options for remote system upgrades.

Finish Your Fireplace Installation with a Screen or Door

The fireplace installation isn’t complete without a door or screen. Wright Lighting and Fireside feature a wide variety of screens for your fireplace, including recessed and free-standing options. If you’d prefer a little more in the way of a barrier, opt for one of our beautiful glass doors. Our inventory includes over 30 doors, which puts us among the largest displays in Northern California. If you don’t see anything quite like you envision, our team is well-equipped to design a door meeting your standards. Our staff is happy to schedule an on-site consultation with you to discuss your design ideas, including the door you’d like to complete your fireplace.

Fireplace Installation Elevates Your San Jose Living Space

Whether you choose a brand-new gas fireplace or a cost-effective insert, fireplace installation is the ideal way to spruce up your San Jose home. Although you likely won’t require heat most of the year, many homeowners see their fireplace as a focal point in their space. If you don’t see a need for an indoor unit, you can always elevate your outdoor entertaining space with a luxurious gas fireplace. Whatever your specific needs, Wright Lighting and Fireside is here to help. We know all the ins and outs of fireplace installation and have served numerous happy customers. Are you ready to take your home to the next level? Contact us today to begin designing your new fireplace!

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