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We all want a beautiful fireplace as a centerpiece in our living room or master bedroom, even in San Jose, CA where temperatures rarely dip below freezing in the thick of winter. However, quality, comprehensive fireplace services are hard to come by. Fortunately, Wright Lighting and Fireside is here to help homeowners in the Bay Area maintain and elevate the look of their fireplaces. Maybe you’re tired of looking at your dull, outdated fireplace, or perhaps you only need a few repairs to get everything back in working order. Whatever the case, we have the fireplace services for you.

Expert Repairs Are Part of Our Fireplace Services Package

No matter the quality of your fireplace installation, something is bound to break or malfunction eventually. When something goes wrong with your fireplace, count on Wright Lighting and Fireside. Our experienced team knows the ins and outs of fireplace repair, and can even teach you a maintenance trick or two. Don’t wait until a quick repair job turns into a significant problem needing a full replacement to fix. Get in touch with our professional, customer-service-oriented repair team!

Luxurious Electronic Upgrades for Convenient Use

Perhaps nothing is wrong with your fireplace, but it could use some upgrades. Our comprehensive fireplace services feature the solution for you. Wright Lighting and Fireside makes electronic ignition upgrades in homes across the San Jose and the Bay Area. After adding a remote to your fireplace, you won’t even need to leave your seat to ignite your gas fireplace. You’ll have all the benefits of warmth and comfort at the flip of a switch.

Tools and Accessories to DIY the Finishing Touches

Prefer to DIY your fireplace repairs? There’s no better way to do-it-yourself than with tools from Wright Lighting and Fireside in San Jose, CA. We carry run-of-the-mill toolsets, as well as custom sets forged from iron. If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to your gas fireplace, we also carry a plethora of options for accessories, among our other fireplace services. Our inventory of tools features nearly any shape, size, or finish you could need.

Customize Glass Doors to Your San Jose Home’s Aesthetic

So, you’ve designed your ideal fireplace—complete with a detailed stone surround and stylish mantle. Before you’re ready to use your fireplace for the first time, be sure to choose custom glass doors from Wright Lighting and Fireside. Our showroom features the largest glass door display in Northern California, with over 30 to choose from in our inventory. If you don’t see any striking your fancy, ask about designing a custom door for your space. Still not loving the look of a glass door? Explore your options for a free-standing screen instead!

Add Function and Style with a Brand-New Mantle

What’s a fireplace without a mantle? Both beautiful and functional, mantles seamlessly meld the fireplace with the surrounding space. Many San Jose homeowners use their mantles to display family photos, awards, or holiday decorations. However you plan to use yours, make sure you choose one that combines well with changing styles and décor. Browse the selection of mantles Wright Lighting and Fireside offers as part of our fireplace services.

Conserve Energy and Money with a Heat Exchanger

Have you considered a heat exchanger for your San Jose home? Heat exchangers from Wright Lighting and Fireside are meant to take cool air from your home, heat it, and circulate it back into your home. Traditional wood-burning fireplaces allow most of their heat to escape through the chimney, but a heat exchanger over an existing gas log set puts a stop to wasted energy. Your utility bills will be thanks enough for installing a heat exchanger in your home!

Replace Your Fireplace with a Clean-Burning Gas Log

If you’re tired of stacking wood, losing heat, and watching your energy bills skyrocket, it’s time to look into a gas log conversion in your San Jose home. Wright Lighting and Fireside offers this energy-efficient heating solution as part of our premier fireplace services. Our team can convert your wood-burning fireplace into one utilizing a gas log instead of a natural one. Gas logs look like real wood and can be turned on and off with the push of a button.

Explore Contemporary Gas Fireplace Designs

While many San Jose homeowners love the traditional, rustic look of a fireplace, others are looking for something a little more modern. If this sounds like you, Wright Lighting and Fireside can accommodate your style as well. We offer several gas fireplace units boasting a much more contemporary look. We know you’ll love the look of your modern fireplace, but if you decide to sell your home in the future, a contemporary unit can up your property value.

Reach Out to San Jose’s Leading Fireplace Service Providers

Wright Lighting and Fireside is proud to offer all the fireplace services you need to maintain, repair, and design your perfect fireplace. Whether you plan to make your unit the focal point of a room or prefer it to blend in with the rest of your décor, our San Jose, CA team is here to help. We’re family-owned and have been in business since 1957, delivering exceptional customer service all the while. No matter which of our fireplace services you require, contact our friendly staff today for prompt service.

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