How to Buy a Ceiling Fan in San Jose, CA

Wright Lighting and Fireside Answers All Your Fan Questions

The team at Wright Lighting and Fireside has over 60 years of experience in the industry and has helped many residents decide which ceiling fan to install in their homes. We help by inspecting the room you wish to install and go over all your other needs from the fan. You may think it is as easy as purchasing any fan in the store, but there are qualities and functions you need to consider before bringing the box home. Thankfully, you have a whole team of experienced pros on your side when you go shopping who can assist by answering any questions you may have and enlightening you on troubles previous customers have had on their journey. When you are ready to add comfort and design to your San Jose, CA home, give us a call to start the project.

Ceiling Fan Location in Your Home

Where you place your ceiling fan after purchasing is critical to success. Allowing the blades to move cool or warm air helps evenly distribute it in your home. With proper airflow, you can better control the humidity levels and prevent dry sinuses from occurring and other respiratory problems. They can also help manage allergies better by preventing stale or stagnant air. These devices also help you save on energy each month by making the most from your HVAC equipment. By creating a constant airflow throughout the home, you can breathe easier and enjoy consistent temperatures when trying to relax. Once we discover the proper location, we can help find you the right sized fan for the job.

Finding Right Size Ceiling Fan

If you do not purchase the correctly sized ceiling fan, you could be wasting energy and money each month. The experts at Wright Lighting and Fireside have plenty of experience shopping for these appliances and will ensure you get the correct size based on where we have decided to place the ceiling fan. Below are the two main dimensions we concern ourselves with when searching for the right ceiling fan:

Height: Getting the correct height for your downrod or ceiling fan extension rods safeguards you and your guests from running into each time you enter the room. Having high or low ceilings will help make this determination for you. By checking the box before you purchase, you can see what size downrods are packaged with them and if you need to buy separate ones for the correct length. We use a standard length based on your ceiling’s height, but we can also help with customized height offerings.

Diameter: The most frequently used measurement when buying a ceiling fan. You can obtain this measurement in a couple of different ways depending on how many fan blades are attached to the base. If you have an odd amount of fan blades, measure from the blade’s tip to the middle of the base and multiply by two. Suppose your fan has an even number; you can simply measure from the end of one blade to the one directly across from it for the most accurate numbers. Getting this measure correct ensures your blades are plenty far away from walls of other objects they may come into contact with on your walls.

What To Look For in Ceiling Fan Blade Shapes and Styles

As much as you want your ceiling to look great, the blades must serve your initial purpose for buying and installing them in the first place. They come in all shapes and sizes, and each one gives the homeowner a different feature and function. You have many other options to choose from, but rest assured each option helps your home with its energy efficiency. Below are some of the unique styles you can choose from:

Modern: Blades on these ceilings fans can often only include one or two fan blades. You will also notice manufacturers and designs bend the blades at unusual angles.

Rustic or Farmhouse: Featuring quaint shapes and weathered finishes, these reliable fan blades help push air evenly throughout your home. You will typically see the standard five fan blades with these models.

Industrial: These models will come across as more rugged or minimalist. They typically have more fan blades on them than your average fan. You also find the design for these ceiling fans includes a cage around the fan blades.

Ceiling Fan Features, Air Flow

It would be best if you also thought about what else your ceiling fan could do for you besides providing even air, humidity, and monthly efficiency. For instance, an excellent feature for most ceiling fans is an overhead light. By getting installed on the ceiling, you can have your light spread into every corner of the room. You can either choose from halogen, fluorescent, or LED bulbs. Other operation features to consider include remote control, wall control, reverse rotation, or a pull chain. We can also provide you with options for high efficiency and different levels of airflow.

Reach Out to Wright Lighting and Fireside For More Help

The experts at Wright Lighting and Fireside only have your best intentions in mind. When you need assistance choosing the right ceiling fan, we’re the team to call because we can also help with the installation. For more than 60 years, our team of professionals has helped those in the San Jose, CA area. Your home will benefit significantly from our insight and services. Call today to get a free consultation and to get started with your new project.

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