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We Are Home to One of the Bay Area’s Only Light Labs

When you are shopping for light fixtures, you undoubtedly consider how they will look in your home, how much light you need, and what type of atmosphere you want to create. However, light fixtures may appear differently in the store than they will after they are installed in your living room or bedroom. Wright Lighting and Fireside wants to minimize any such differences to help you avoid unwelcome surprises after you select your light fixtures. Therefore, we offer one of the Bay Area’s only functional light labs at our store in San Jose, CA. Our lighting experts can help you visualize how your new light fixtures will look based on your home’s existing design elements. We can help you understand color temperatures, LED lighting, and much more. Call our friendly team today to explore all the possibilities our light lab offers.

What Is A Light Lab?

A light lab such as the one you will find at Wright Lighting and Fireside is a dedicated environment that helps individuals understand the way different types of lighting can impact the appearance of their home’s design elements. We have one of the only functional light labs in the Bay Area. Our team is proud to help recreate specific environments to help you understand how various light fixtures could alter the appearance of your countertops, cabinets, paint schemes, and more.

What Does CRI Mean and How Does It Impact LED Lighting?

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) measures how colors appear under various light sources compared with natural sunlight. The type of light bulbs you use in your fixtures may alter the appearance of the paint on your walls, your cabinets, furniture, and other elements of your home. The CRI uses a 0-100 scale, with a perfect 100 indicating colors will appear the same in natural light as they will with your light source. If you want vibrant colors throughout your home to appear as they would in direct sunlight, you should aim for a high CRI score. Generally, LED lighting rates highly on the CRI scale. Additionally, it requires less energy than traditional lighting. We recommend LED lights in many of the fixtures you will find in our showroom.

How Do Different Color Temperatures Affect Paint Color?

The light bulbs you use throughout your home will affect how you perceive the paint on your walls and cabinets. Our light lab showcases the various types of light bulbs and the effects they have on different colors. We have an entire room in our store dedicated to exhibiting differences among light bulbs. The most popular types include:

  • Fluorescent – These lights often have a bluish-green tint that will energize blues and greens but fail to intensify warmer colors.
  • Halogen – If you want to mimic natural sunlight, halogen bulbs maybe your best option. Their brightness can warm up any hue.
  • Incandescent – Incandescent lights project yellow-tinted light that brightens colors on the warm end of the spectrum but dulls cooler colors.
  • LED – Homeowners are opting for LED lights more than ever before because of their energy efficiency and technology. Many LED lights allow you to manipulate the projection of light to either enhance or darken your paint.

We Can Help You Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

In addition to choosing the right type of light bulbs to enhance the appearance of your home, you must also select light fixtures that reflect your style. Wright Lighting and Fireside’s professionals have extensive industry experience and are committed to providing old-fashioned customer service. When you visit our light lab in San Jose, we will happily show you the various options from which you can choose and also explain why they may be a fit for your home. Among our most popular lighting fixtures are:

  • Chandeliers – These light fixtures are timeless and elegant. We often install them in dining rooms and foyers, among other areas.
  • Pendant Lighting – We can suspend pendant lighting of all varieties over the island in your kitchen, on either side of your bathroom vanity, and throughout your home.
  • Recessed Lighting – Our team can install recessed or undercabinet lighting to illuminate your home’s tight spaces.
  • Wall Sconces – Wall sconces are ideal for bedrooms, entryways, and bathrooms. Choose from a wide range of options.

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Our lighting professionals never want you to worry about whether the light fixtures you select will look good in your home. That is why we provide demonstrations and examples of different light bulbs and sources for our customers in San Jose, CA. Wright Lighting and Fireside is home to one of the Bay Area’s only functional light labs. Our experts will gladly help you understand your options and ensure the light fixtures you choose will perfectly complement your home’s décor. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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