• Light Bulb Buying Tips

    Incandescent bulbs have been the standard for household lighting for decades. Now, however, many people are making the switch to eco-friendly LED bulbs. If you’re looking for ways to save electricity in San Jose, then watch this video for some light bulb buying tips that can help make your home more energy-efficient.

    LED light bulbs cost more than incandescents, but they last longer and use less energy. To find the right bulb for you, you will need to understand that lumens describe how bright a bulb is. Also, it’s important to know what temperature means in terms of lighting. Bulbs at the low end of the temperature spectrum have a more yellow color and are considered warm, while bulbs at the higher end have a bluer color and are called cool. You may be glad to learn that you can find LED bulbs at both ends of the color spectrum.

  • Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Fireplace

    This time of year, many people turn their attention to their fireplace in San Jose and wonder what they can do to improve its appearance before holiday guests arrive. If this sounds like you, then read on to learn some things you can do to enhance your fireplace’s look.

    Replace Old Accessories

    Fireplace Enhancements Services in San JoseIf you’re satisfied with the overall appearance of your fireplace but feel that something is missing, then getting some new fireplace accessories may be the answer. For example, switching out your old firewood basket and set of fireplace tools with newer ones in a style that matches the look of your fireplace might be a solution.

    Upgrade the Mantel

    Your fireplace’s mantel can do a great deal to enhance this feature in your home. However, if yours is dated or damaged, or if your fireplace has no mantel at all, then installing a new mantel offers you an excellent way to give your fireplace’s look a facelift. Fireplace mantels are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you are sure to find one that will suit your interior décor and style of your fireplace.

    Add Glass Doors

    When there is no barrier between a home’s interior and the fireplace, this can contribute to higher energy bills as conditioned air escapes out through the chimney. For this reason, many people choose to add doors to their fireplace. However, the type of doors that you select can affect the appearance of this feature, and many people find that glass ones are a great option for enhancing the beauty of a fireplace, as well as for viewing the flames even when the doors are closed.

    Reface the Unit

    Finally, if you believe that a new mantel, accessories, and fireplace doors won’t be enough to get your fireplace looking the way that you want it to, then consider refacing it. This method of fireplace enhancement can transform the entire look of this part of your home and can be a smart option if you want to change the style, color, or material of your fireplace facing.

  • Interested in Converting Your Fireplace to Gas? Don’t Worry-Our Logs Will Fool Your Guests

    In winter, fireplaces are among the most loved household features for many families. Adding warmth, atmosphere, and visual beauty, it’s no wonder that many people look forward to cold weather simply for the opportunity to use their fireplace. However, more and more people are converting their old, wood-burning fireplaces to gas-burning ones. If you’re considering turning your wood-burning fireplace in San Jose into one that uses gas, but you’re worried that it won’t have the same visual effect that burning wood does, then don’t worry—our realistic, gas logs are sure to fool your holiday guests.

    At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we are proud to offer gas logs that are the most realistic on the market. These logs are hand-cast and hand-dyed to maximize their realism, and they feature multi-point burners and glowing embers that mimic the appearance of burning wood. Wright Lighting and Fireside has provided thousands of customers with gas fireplace logs, which require no special ducting or electrical wiring and offer greater convenience and ease-of-use than traditional fireplaces. For more information about our fireplace conversion services, please visit our website.

    Realistic gas logs

  • Interior Lighting Tips Room by Room

    Interior lighting is one of the most essential aspects of your home’s décor, serving both functional and aesthetic purposes. If you’re planning to work with LED lighting specialists in San Jose to upgrade your home’s light fixtures, then read on for tips on lighting different rooms in your home.


    Having good lighting in your kitchen is important for showing off your cabinets and countertops, as well as for easier and more comfortable cooking and meal prep. When choosing light fixtures for your kitchen, you should aim to illuminate every area of the space, including those dark corners and the shadowed spaces over and under the cabinets. Recessed lighting is an excellent choice for kitchens because it promotes more even lighting throughout the room. Also, consider using more than one type of lighting, so that you can have brighter illumination over task areas, such as the kitchen island and stovetop, and ambient lighting for the rest of the room.  LED lighting specialists

    Living Room

    The living room should be a warm, comfortable, and inviting area of the home. For this reason, you can benefit from using a variety of lights for different levels of the room. For example, you can install dimmable ceiling lights as the room’s primary light source, and then complement this with wall sconces and table lamps to create more atmosphere and diffuse lighting. Also, if you’re interested in minimizing shadows in the room, then consider installing uplights, so that some of the illumination is directed up toward the ceiling.


    For the space to serve your family best, the bathroom is an area of the home that requires versatile lighting. For example, bright, direct illumination is essential for many self-care and personal hygiene tasks that are performed in the bathroom. However, many people enjoy having a bathroom that doubles as a peaceful retreat in their home. For these reasons, bathrooms should have bright lighting that fully illuminates the room, as well as dimmable fixtures that can be used to create a relaxing ambiance.

  • Get Inspired with These Beautiful Landscape Lighting Ideas

    Outdoor lighting can add security to your property, but it can also be used to create curb appeal and atmosphere. If you’re planning to enhance your landscaping with eco-friendly lights in San Jose, but you need some inspiration, then watch this video to see some beautiful outdoor lighting ideas brought to life. If there are steps in your landscaping, then consider installing light fixtures at stair level to give them a unique and contemporary look. Next, if there are walkways that run through your yard, then you can add path lighting to increase both the safety and elegance of these features. Also, if you want to highlight your home’s exterior or specific landscaping features, then you may want to install uplights around their base. Finally, give your outdoor living area a luxury look by adding recessed lights to your covered patio.

  • Have You Considered These Energy-Saving Home Upgrades?

    With winter drawing nearer, many homeowners are wondering what they can do to avoid high energy costs during the coldest season of the year. If this sounds like you, and you’re looking for ways to save electricity in San Jose, then keep reading to learn about some energy-saving home upgrades that are worth considering.

    Switching to LED Lighting

    Energy-saving home upgradesIf you’re still using incandescent light bulbs, then making the switch to energy-efficient LED ones is an easy way to save on electricity in your home. LED lighting is the smarter choice when it comes to home lighting because it uses less energy and lasts longer than other options. Plus, LED bulbs to contain no mercury, can be dimmable, and have a higher color rendering index, meaning that colors under this type of lighting are more likely to appear the same way that they would under natural sunlight.

    Installing a Programmable Thermostat

    When they want to save electricity, many people focus on upgrading to energy-efficient appliances. While this step can indeed reduce your energy usage, it’s important not to overlook the advantages of replacing your old thermostat. Today’s programmable thermostats can be programmed to automatically change your home’s temperature settings, making it easier for you to keep your home comfortable and simultaneously save on energy. For example, by setting your thermostat to go up or down by a few degrees when your family is asleep for the night or gone for the day, you can potentially put a nice dent in your home’s energy bill.

    Converting to a Gas Fireplace

    Many people put a lot of effort into sealing up their home to save on heating and cooling costs. If you have taken measures to insulate your house but haven’t addressed your wood-burning fireplace, then you might benefit from switching to a gas-burning one. Converting to a gas-burning fireplace can help reduce air loss through your home’s chimney, which can lead to lower home heating costs. Lastly, gas fireplaces are cleaner and easier to use than wood-burning ones, making them a practical, energy-saving upgrade for your home.

  • Enjoy a Clean-Burning and Mess-Free Fireplace This Season

    Fireplaces can add comfort to any room, but unfortunately, traditional fireplaces can also create air pollution, not to mention a mess in your home. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between the appeal of operating a fireplace in San Jose and the inconveniences that enjoying your fireplace could bring. The solution is to convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas log model.

    When you convert your fireplace to gas, you can turn it on and off with a single switch or remote. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying and storing firewood or crinkling up newspapers in hopes of getting a fire going. Because there is no wood or paper being burned, your gas log fireplace will burn clean without impacting your air quality. There is no need for additional cleaning after using your fireplace, since it won’t generate any soot. The conversion process is easy for more units, so talk to your fireplace contractor about your options today. Fireplace tools

  • Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

    If the idea of a fireplace brings up pictures of ski lodges and formal living rooms, then you may be surprised to discover how contemporary design has turned the traditional fireplace on its head. Although there are plenty of choices for people who enjoy a conventional fireplace for their homes, lovers of modern design can now easily incorporate a fireplace into their décor without compromising their aesthetic. If you would like a fireplace in San Jose but aren’t sure how it will fit into your contemporary style, here is a look at some of your options.

    Gas Log Conversions

    Wood burning fireplaces require you to invest in wood, find a place to store your wood, and work to start a fire every time you want to use it. With a gas log, you can simply flick a switch and watch your fire roar to life. Because there is no special ducting required, gas log fireplaces don’t have to take up a lot of room, and because you’re not burning wood, you don’t have to worry about air particle pollution. Gas log fires don’t rely on electricity, so they are also energy-efficient. Upgrade your traditional fireplace with a sleek, new screen and convert to a gas log to get the comfort of a burning fire without the outdated inconveniences.

    River Rocks Contemporary fireplace design ideas

    Forgo the traditional look of fireplaces by using river rocks in the interior design of your unit. If you have an existing, wood burning fireplace, this means getting rid of the stand for the logs and filling that area with river rocks instead, surrounding a gas log. The rocks are a calming, natural addition to a contemporary space, while the gas log makes the fireplace easier to use.

    Crushed Glass

    Encased in a modern fireplace door and mantle unit with clean lines, crushed glass gives your fireplace a contemporary upgrade. The glass can be used in the same way as river rocks, and the clear colors of the glass give your fireplace a crisp, unobtrusive feel. Combined with a gas log, crushed glass fireplaces are eco-friendly and simple to operate.

  • The Technology Behind LED Bulbs

    LED lighting offers a low-energy option that allows you to save electricity without compromising your ability to light your space. How does LED make this happen? If you’re considering installing LED lighting in San Jose , watch this video to find out how these bulbs work.

    LED lights are made up of two halves, with one side containing positive charges and the other containing negative charges. The area in between the charges, known as the pn-junction, controls the directional flow of electricity, forming the foundation by which LED bulbs operate. In the video, you will discover what happens when these charges change form and create photons, which go on to create light that is visible to the human eye.

  • Improve Your Home’s Appearance Indoors and Out with These Popular Lighting Options

    Lighting is an important but often overlooked part of design. Changing your lighting can change the appearance of your home both indoors and out while giving you the opportunity to embrace eco-friendly lights for your San Jose home . If you want to upgrade your home’s aesthetic appeal, consider these popular lighting options as your starting point.


    A chandelier is a show-stopping focal point for any room that never goes out of style. Although they are traditionally found in entryways and dining rooms, chandeliers are increasingly found throughout the house, including in bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens. The light they create is a softer glow, ideal for any room where you want to create a comfortable, relaxed space. If ornate chandeliers are not your style, many sleek and modern designs are now available that can easily blend into any décor.

    Landscape Lighting Popular Lighting Options in San Jose, CA

    Outdoor lighting has become increasingly popular for homeowners. Some outdoor lighting is designed to be functional, such as lighting around an outdoor kitchen or patio area. Landscape lighting, on the other hand, is about the aesthetics of your outdoor area. By placing lighting in a way that highlights focal points of your landscaping, such as flowerbeds, walkways, or trees, you can emphasize the overall design of your yard and showcase your special pieces. Landscape lighting dramatically increases the curb appeal of the front of your house and makes your outdoor space more livable.

    Monorail Lighting

    Monorail lights are similar to track lighting, but the base of the lighting can be twisted into any desired configuration, giving you more design options. This kind of lighting can be used to highlight certain parts of your décor or to concentrate lighting on a specific area for functional purposes. Monorail lights come with a variety of options for fixtures and pendants, so you can get a look that matches your style.