• Avoid These Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes

    Making the right decisions when it comes to your outdoor lighting can offer a range of benefits, such as enhancing your home’s appearance or helping you save electricity in San Jose . Continue reading to learn about some common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to outdoor lighting.

    Creating Glare Outdoor Lighting Installations Services in San Jose

    When positioned poorly, outdoor light fixtures can cause glare, a problem which occurs when a light is too bright, or a bulb is exposed to view. Glare can be uncomfortable for the eyes and may also make it difficult for you to achieve a pleasing outdoor lighting setup. To help avoid glare, fixtures should be placed so that the bulbs provide soft, indirect lighting instead of harsh, blinding glare.

    Positioning Poorly

    When fixtures aren’t placed in a strategic way around your home’s exterior and across your landscaping, the effect can be a stark contrast between areas of brightness and shadow. To get the warm and appealing nighttime look that you’re hoping for, position your outdoor light fixtures in a way that provides even lighting around your home. Also, keep in mind that having too few fixtures can contribute to uneven lighting and that installing too many fixtures may look garish and unappealing.

    Forgetting Variety

    After finding one fixture that they love, some people make the mistake of using only one type of lighting throughout their landscape design. This error can make outdoor lighting appear monotonous and one-dimensional and can be avoided by using a variety of light fixtures placed at multiple levels.

    Using Non-LEDs

    The bulbs that you choose for your landscape lighting play an important part in the energy-efficiency and the appearance of your lighting. For example, not choosing eco-friendly lighting in the form of LED bulbs for your outdoor fixtures can lead to higher than necessary energy bills, as well as a need for more frequent bulb replacement. Additionally, keep in mind that even LED lighting is available in various tones. To get the inviting look that you want for your outdoor areas, be sure to choose LED lighting in tones that are warm, not cool.

  • Get Inspired with These Beautiful Landscape Lighting Ideas

    Outdoor lighting can add security to your property, but it can also be used to create curb appeal and atmosphere. If you’re planning to enhance your landscaping with eco-friendly lights in San Jose, but you need some inspiration, then watch this video to see some beautiful outdoor lighting ideas brought to life. If there are steps in your landscaping, then consider installing light fixtures at stair level to give them a unique and contemporary look. Next, if there are walkways that run through your yard, then you can add path lighting to increase both the safety and elegance of these features. Also, if you want to highlight your home’s exterior or specific landscaping features, then you may want to install uplights around their base. Finally, give your outdoor living area a luxury look by adding recessed lights to your covered patio.

  • Spotlight on Chandeliers by Hudson Valley

    When you are shopping for eco-friendly lights for your home, you may want to check out the beautiful chandeliers that are offered by Hudson Valley. Hudson Valley chandeliers are made from premium materials, such as aged brass and polished nickel. With their contemporary silhouettes and show-stopping fixtures, Hudson Valley chandeliers will be a welcome addition to any room in your home. A company that sells eco-friendly lights in San Jose can provide you with more information about the latest chandelier models from the makers at Hudson Valley.

    Once you have chosen a Hudson Valley chandelier that matches the interior design of your home, you will be ready to hire a team of LED lighting specialists to help you with your installation. A team of lighting professionals will know how to correctly wire and hang your chandelier from your ceiling. Your team can also help you determine the correct placement of your chandelier in your room.

    Chandeliers by Hudson Valley

  • What Is Recessed Lighting?

    When you are shopping for new LED lighting for your home , you may encounter many different types of recessed lighting. The term recessed lighting refers to any type of light fixtures that sits flush against the ceiling or wall. Since recessed lighting has a nearly invisible profile, it can be used in a variety of different spaces. Your LED lighting specialists in San Jose will be happy to provide you with a tour of the various styles of recessed lighting that can be used in your space.

    Recessed LED lighting has many benefits to offer for your home or business. When you install a row of recessed lights in an interior space, you will create an ambient lighting design that bathes your area in a pleasant glow. Along with being aesthetically pleasing, recessed lights are incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Finally, you will also find that recessed lights pair beautifully with other types of light fixtures, such as pendant lights or chandeliers.

    Recessed lighting

  • Decorating with Wall Sconces

    Are you on the hunt for new light fixtures in San Jose that will improve the look of your home while blending in with your classic décor? If so, then consider installing wall sconces. These elegant and traditional light fixtures can be used to illuminate and enhance your home’s interiors in several ways.

    Do you have a piece of artwork or a large mirror in your home that seems like it’s missing something? If so, then consider installing a wall sconce on either side of the piece both to frame it and to light up the area. Wall sconces also look great on their own and even better in groupings. Consider stair-stepping 2 or 3 of these decorative elements on a wall near a sitting area or desk to add a classic feel, beautiful décor, and additional lighting to space. Finally, many people like to create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in their bathrooms. To help achieve this, consider installing wall sconces over a bathtub or next to a vanity mirror to enhance the look of the room and add soft lighting to space.

    Decorate with scones

  • What Color Should You Pick for Your Fireplace Mantel?

    A fireplace can make your home feel warm and welcoming while providing a focal point and acting as room décor. Are you planning to contact a contractor in San Jose about new fireplace mantle installation ? If so, then continue reading for ideas on choosing a mantle color. Fireplace mantle installation

    Think About Your Style

    The overall look that you’ve created in the room should impact your mantle color choice. Examine the space and search for a common color, motif, or theme that represents your personal style. Doing this can be essential for maintaining your desired impression for the space because not all colors work with all décor types.

    Complement Other Features

    If the room you are working with has any colors other than neutrals, then consider pulling out a color wheel and experimenting with complementary hues. Choosing yellow to complement a purple sofa, for example, or orange to balance a blue area rug, can help bring out the best of both elements.

    Go with Something Bold

    If your home’s décor is eclectic, bohemian, or modern, then choosing a bright color can be a great choice for your fireplace mantle. Neon pink and electric blue will make an unforgettable impact on guests, and hues like pure red and bright yellow can brighten a room and create a lasting impression.

    Match It to the Walls

    If you’re hoping to create a streamlined or built-in look for your mantle, then you could benefit from matching its color to that of your walls. This technique can give the fireplace a grander appearance while simultaneously creating a seamless backdrop between the 2 elements.

    Consider the Room’s Décor

    If you’re still having trouble choosing a color for your mantle, but you are happy with the design of the rest of the space, then look to other features in the room for inspiration. Choosing a color for your mantle that’s subtly included in your draperies, area rugs, or furniture can help tie the design together. This method of selecting a color is an excellent way to incorporate your fireplace into your interior design.

  • Gas Log Conversions 101

    If you find that your conventional wood burning fireplace is too messy or cumbersome for daily use, you may want to consider a gas log conversion . During a gas log conversion, a fireplace technician will be able to convert your existing fireplace into an innovative system that is fueled by gas logs. A company that offers gas logs in San Jose will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of making the switch from a conventional fireplace. Read on for a basic overview of some of the great benefits that a new gas fireplace has to offer your household. Gas log conversion

    Cleaner Burning Performance

    When you light a fire in your conventional fireplace, you may notice that ash, soot, and other particles are released into your indoor air. In fact, a conventional fireplace can be a major source of indoor air pollution in the home. Converting your fireplace to a gas log unit will help you enjoy a cleaner burning fire. Gas logs will release no harmful particles into your air.

    Easy Operation

    While building a standard fire can be an enjoyable experience, you may find that the novelty of acquiring kindling and firewood wears off over time. A gas log fireplace will allow you to start a toasty fire, all with the mere switch of a button. Some gas fireplaces even contain remote control systems, which allow the user to ignite the fire from across the room.

    Inexpensive Fuel Source

    Purchasing firewood throughout the winter season can end up costing you significant amounts of money every month. Converting your conventional fireplace to a gas unit will allow you to take advantage of inexpensive natural gas. A natural gas will cost much less to fuel than your standard fireplace. As a result, you may find that you and your family members are eager to warm up next the fire throughout the coldest months of the year.

  • Spotlight on Outdoor Ceiling Fans

    A ceiling fan is an excellent addition to any home. In addition to cooling down your indoor spaces during the warm season, a ceiling fan can help your heating system operate more efficiently, saving you money on energy. You’re likely familiar with the benefits of an indoor ceiling fan, but do you know that an outdoor ceiling fan can deliver a number of benefits as well? Your local San Jose ceiling fan experts can tell you more.

    Outdoor ceiling fans are similar to their indoor counterparts, only outdoor models must be able to withstand the elements. Many outdoor ceiling fans have all-weather blades made with a special kind of plastic, and have waterproof motor casings. Outdoor ceiling fans also have powder-coated paint finishes to prevent rust or other types of damage that may result from outdoor exposure. In terms of purpose, outdoor ceiling fans are similar to indoor ceiling fans—when you’re enjoying your patio on a warm summer day, you’ll be mighty thankful to have your outdoor fan simulating a nice breeze.

    Outdoor Ceiling Fans Installation in San Jose, CA

  • What Happens at the Wright Lighting Light Lab?

    When you are planning a kitchen renovation for your home, it is crucial to choose new lighting that accentuates the quality and natural beauty of your countertop and flooring materials. If you are considering a LED lighting installation near San Jose, you may want to consider making a trip down to the Wright Lighting Light Lab . At our Light Lab, we can demonstrate the performance and beauty that LED bulbs can provide for your kitchen space. When you pay a visit to our Light Lab, our LED lighting specialists will be able to demonstrate the performance of different styles of LED lights. For example, we can show you how the intensity and color of different types of light bulbs can dramatically change the appearance of your countertops. Additionally, we will also be there to answer your questions about color retention, dimming, and efficiency. If you would like to witness the benefits of LED lights for yourself, be sure to plan a trip to our Light Lab in San Jose.

    Wright Lighting Light Lab

  • The Benefits of Heat from Gas Fireplaces

    As the summer months come to an end and the weather starts cooling down, you may want to think about switching your log fireplace to a gas fireplace . A gas fireplace can provide you with terrific safety and efficiency, while also helping you to heat your home. With assistance from a company that offers gas to log conversions in San Jose, you will be able to install a quality gas fireplace in your home. After you have converted your fireplace, you will be able to enjoy comfort and warmth with the flip of a switch. Read on for an overview of the benefits of heat from gas fireplaces. Benefits of Gas Fireplace in San Jose, CA

    Easy Operation

    Easy operation is one of the top benefits that gas fireplaces have to offer you. When you install a gas fireplace, you will be able to switch your fireplace on, rather than using logs to build a conventional fire. Since gas fireplaces require no burning of wood, they will also not require you to sweep up ashes or maintain a supply of firewood during the coldest months of the year.

    Safe Performance

    Another fantastic benefit of gas fireplaces is their terrific safety. Unlike a conventional fireplace, which will require you to attend to open flames, gas fireplaces are completely contained behind a secure panel of glass. When your technician installs your gas fireplace, he will also include a vent that is designed to safely eliminate any exhaust. If you are seeking a fireplace solution that will provide you with total peace of mind, a gas fireplace may be the appropriate choice for your home.

    Terrific Style

    With a new gas fireplace, you can also provide your living space with a style makeover. Gas fireplaces are available in a variety of models that will match or enhance your home’s interior style and décor. Whether you have a contemporary and modern decorating scheme, or are seeking a classic and elegant look, you are sure to find the right style for your home with a gas fireplace.