• Avoid These Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes

    Making the right decisions when it comes to your outdoor lighting can offer a range of benefits, such as enhancing your home’s appearance or helping you save electricity in San Jose . Continue reading to learn about some common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to outdoor lighting.

    Creating Glare Outdoor Lighting Installations Services in San Jose

    When positioned poorly, outdoor light fixtures can cause glare, a problem which occurs when a light is too bright, or a bulb is exposed to view. Glare can be uncomfortable for the eyes and may also make it difficult for you to achieve a pleasing outdoor lighting setup. To help avoid glare, fixtures should be placed so that the bulbs provide soft, indirect lighting instead of harsh, blinding glare.

    Positioning Poorly

    When fixtures aren’t placed in a strategic way around your home’s exterior and across your landscaping, the effect can be a stark contrast between areas of brightness and shadow. To get the warm and appealing nighttime look that you’re hoping for, position your outdoor light fixtures in a way that provides even lighting around your home. Also, keep in mind that having too few fixtures can contribute to uneven lighting and that installing too many fixtures may look garish and unappealing.

    Forgetting Variety

    After finding one fixture that they love, some people make the mistake of using only one type of lighting throughout their landscape design. This error can make outdoor lighting appear monotonous and one-dimensional and can be avoided by using a variety of light fixtures placed at multiple levels.

    Using Non-LEDs

    The bulbs that you choose for your landscape lighting play an important part in the energy-efficiency and the appearance of your lighting. For example, not choosing eco-friendly lighting in the form of LED bulbs for your outdoor fixtures can lead to higher than necessary energy bills, as well as a need for more frequent bulb replacement. Additionally, keep in mind that even LED lighting is available in various tones. To get the inviting look that you want for your outdoor areas, be sure to choose LED lighting in tones that are warm, not cool.

  • Get Inspired with These Beautiful Landscape Lighting Ideas

    Outdoor lighting can add security to your property, but it can also be used to create curb appeal and atmosphere. If you’re planning to enhance your landscaping with eco-friendly lights in San Jose, but you need some inspiration, then watch this video to see some beautiful outdoor lighting ideas brought to life. If there are steps in your landscaping, then consider installing light fixtures at stair level to give them a unique and contemporary look. Next, if there are walkways that run through your yard, then you can add path lighting to increase both the safety and elegance of these features. Also, if you want to highlight your home’s exterior or specific landscaping features, then you may want to install uplights around their base. Finally, give your outdoor living area a luxury look by adding recessed lights to your covered patio.

  • Choosing a Mantel That Matches Your Home

    Your fireplace is a central feature of your living space. As you are working with a fireplace contractor in San Jose to create a new electric fireplace for your home, you will need to consider your choice of mantel carefully. By building a mantel that pairs well with the rest of your interior décor, you will be able to create an attractive addition to your living room or den. To assist you with your upcoming fireplace installation, here are some tips for choosing a mantel that matches your home. Modern Mantel Installation in San Jose, CA

    Consider Modern Materials

    While traditional fireplace mantels are crafted from brick or stone, many modern units feature mantels that have been built out of modern materials. Brushed steel, for instance, is a terrific choice for a modern fireplace design. When you choose sleek metallic materials for your mantel installation, you will provide your fireplace with a streamlined and contemporary silhouette. If your home already has a more modern style, metals or other industrial materials may be the right choice for your mantel.

    Look at Traditional Designs

    If you are not ready to go fully contemporary with your mantel installation, you may want to consider more traditional designs for your fireplace. Brick and stone are both classic materials for mantel installations. An experienced fireplace contractor will be able to build you a customized stone mantel that matches the architecture and design sensibility of your living space.

    Gain Inspiration from Your Décor

    To make sure that your mantel matches the design of your living space, you may want to gain some inspiration from the furnishings that you currently have in your home. If your furniture features certain colors or patterns, these decorative elements can be mirrored in your mantel design. You can even mix and match materials and colors on your mantel so that your fireplace creates the perfect reflection of your interior design sensibility. A fireplace contractor can help you build the fully customized mantel that you have always wanted.

  • The Making of LED Lights

    LED lighting has transformed the way that we illuminate our homes. If you are curious about the process that goes into the making of LED bulbs, watch this video. In order to create LED lights, a team of technicians must carefully make a set of proper lighting chips. Once the chips have been energized, they can be placed into LED light bulbs. A company that offers LED lighting in San Jose can help you pick out the best light fixtures for your home.

    If you are interested in making the switch to LED lighting in your home, now is a great time to schedule your installation. When you replace your conventional light bulbs with LED lights, you can enhance the energy efficiency and overall style of your home’s lighting design.

  • What Size Ceiling Fan Should I Get? (And Other FAQs)

    If the summer heat is starting to make you and your family members feel like you are melting, now is a fantastic time to contact your LED lighting specialists in San Jose about setting up a new ceiling fan installation for your home. Low energy ceiling fans can help you save energy at home, while also keeping your indoor spaces cool and comfortable. Before you purchase and install new ceiling fans , you may have some questions about your upcoming procedure. Read on for a look at answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that homeowners have about ceiling fans. Ceiling fans

    What size ceiling fan should I get?

    The size of ceiling fan that you should purchase is dependent on the total square footage of your room. A typical ceiling fan is 42 inches in diameter, and this size is appropriate for a room that is 12 feet by 12 feet. If your room is significantly smaller or larger than 12×12, you may need to shop for a fan that has a non-standard blade length.

    How far should the fan be from the floor?

    When your contractors install your ceiling fan, they will measure carefully to make sure that the blades of the fan are an appropriate distance from the floor. To keep your family safe from injury, it is typically recommended that your ceiling fan is installed with at least 7 feet of clearance. Rooms that have vaulted ceilings or other architectural features, however, many need to have customized fan heights.

    Can I install my ceiling fan on my own?

    Some homeowners are tempted to try and install their ceiling fans using tools that they have around the house. Attempting a DIY ceiling fan installation, however, can be very dangerous. In fact, certain areas require that all ceiling fans are placed by professional contractors. To make sure that your ceiling fan is safely secured to your ceiling and outlet, you should always hire a professional to perform this service.

  • Features to Highlight with Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor lighting can do just as much for your home’s appeal as the lighting you use inside. If you want to really take your curb appeal to the next level, LED lighting in San Jose may be the way to do it. You can use your outdoor lighting to place emphasis on the attractive areas of your yard. If you’ve spent time cultivating your landscape, it’s logical that you’d want people to be able to see it. Look ahead for some examples of features to highlight with landscape lighting .

    What is the point of spending time, energy, and money on your landscaping if people can only see it during the day? If you’ve gone above and beyond to take care of your yard, you might want to consider using landscape lighting to keep it visible at all times. Whether you’ve planted new bushes to surround your outdoor patio or you have got a new tree in your front yard, you can use landscape lighting to show it off to the neighborhood. The best part is that your new shrubbery and foliage can stay perfectly illuminated without using up too much energy thanks to LED light bulbs.

    Landscape lighting

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Picking a Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan is more than just a partner to your LED lighting in San Jose—it brings both decorative and practical advantages to the home. Your fan may help you save electricity while keeping your family cool during the summer, but they’re not all equally efficient. Fortunately, there are professionals who can teach you about the benefits of different kinds of fans , giving you the information you need to make the right choice. Here’s the homeowner’s guide to picking a ceiling fan: Benefits of ceiling fans

    Why You Need One

    As is the case with any appliance you might set out to look for, you should think about why you need it so that you can choose the best one. A ceiling fan can be a low energy fixture that makes a significant difference in terms of the comfort of your home. Some homeowners decide that it’s time to upgrade their ceiling fans for purely aesthetic purposes, while others purchase new fans because their old ones became worn out over time. Remember that new fans can help you save electricity, especially when used properly in conjunction with an efficient air conditioner. Not all ceiling fans offer the same benefits, so think about what you want out of yours.

    Where to Get One

    If you want a ceiling fan that will help you save electricity, cut down on energy bills, and keep your home at your preferred temperature, it’s never a bad idea to ask the experts for help. A company that specializes in ceiling fans, lighting, and energy efficiency should be able to point you in the right direction without any trouble. This can make the buying process much simpler, as you’ll have a qualified guide to walk you through it.

    Which One Is Right

    Ceiling fans can go outdoors or indoors as well as be traditional or modern styled. Aesthetically, it’s wise to look at a few options and think about which one would make the most sense given how your space already looks. Find a fan that is cosmetically pleasing as well as energy efficient and functional.

  • Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space with the Right Lighting

    When the summer season kicks into full gear, you should make the most of warm evenings by hosting get-togethers in your backyard. With the proper LED lighting, you can make your outdoor spaces warm and enjoyable when the sun goes down. A team of LED lighting specialists in San Jose will be able to work with you to help you pick out eco-friendly lights that perfectly illuminate your outdoor patio or other spaces. To help you get started on the lighting design process, here is an overview of some lighting ideas for your outdoor spaces. LED lighting For Outdoor Space in San Jose, CA

    Illuminate Walkways

    To ensure that your family and guests feel comfortable enjoying your backyard space after dark, you will need to illuminate your walkways and pathways. LED lights that are positioned low to the ground will bathe your outdoor walkways with a steady stream of light. As an added bonus, your illuminated walkways will make it easier to get to your front or back doors when you return home at night.

    Highlight Landscaping Features

    As you are planning your LED lighting design with your contractor, it is smart to choose certain landscaping features that you will want to highlight through outdoor lighting. By pointing spotlights on mature trees or bushes, you can create a focal point for your outdoor lighting design. These illuminated landscaping features may also serve as natural gathering places for your guests during your summertime gatherings.

    Create Task Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens

    If you love to grill up delicious dishes during the summer, the right lighting can help you keep grilling throughout the coming season. A landscape lighting designer will be able to create task lighting that illuminates your grill and outdoor meal prep areas. With your newly installed lights, you will be able to make sure that you are able to easily see all of the items that you are cooking up on your outdoor grill. Overall, your new outdoor lighting design is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the summer season.

  • Picking Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

    When you are designing a new kitchen island, it is important to choose the right lighting for your space. In this video, you will learn some essential tips for selecting the LED lights that will hang over your kitchen island space. If your ceiling is a bit lower in height, you will want to pick out LED light fixtures that rest on semi-flush mounts. Higher ceilings can benefit from clustered pendant light installations. Your LED lighting specialists in San Jose can help you pick out the ideal lighting for your kitchen island.

    One of the benefits of choosing LED lighting for your kitchen is that these eco-friendly lights will help you go green in your home. By making the switch to LED lights, you can conserve energy and reduce the amount of money that you spend on your monthly electrical bills.

  • Breaking Down Myths About LED Lighting

    Are you interested in making the switch to LED lighting in San Jose? If so, then you can benefit from learning more about these eco-friendly lights. Read on to find out the truth about common myths surrounding LEDs. Myths about LED lighting

    Myth #1: They don’t save power.

    Among the most common reasons why people delay replacing their old light bulbs with LED ones is a misconception that they are not energy-saving. The typical LED bulb consumes between 1/8 th and 1/10 th the amount of power that an incandescent one does. Additionally, only about 10% of the energy used by an incandescent light bulb is used to generate light, while the rest turns into heat. Once you know the truth about how much less power is needed for LED lighting, the choice to switch to these bulbs becomes a simple one.

    Myth 2: They’re just a more expensive light bulb.

    LED lights are computers that are equipped with electronic chips, and they function much differently than incandescent bulbs, which are powered by vacuum-tubes. It is true that early LED light bulbs were costly, but those that are available today are significantly lower in price. When you consider their power-saving qualities and long lifespan, LEDs more than make up for their cost over time.

    Myth #3: They don’t work.

    Another reason why you might find yourself hesitating before buying an LED light bulb is having the misunderstanding that these lights don’t work. In reality, many industrial equipment manufacturers, TV makers, and car manufacturers have made the switch to LED lighting to cut down on power. Furthermore, LED bulbs are more durable because they don’t shatter like their conventional counterparts or contain electrodes and gasses.

    Myth #4: They aren’t worth the investment.

    As household appliances continue to be made more and more energy-efficient, some experts predict that lighting will eventually account for a significant portion of the average household’s electric bills if changes in lighting aren’t made. Making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs can reduce your household’s energy costs now and long-term.