• Choosing a Mantel That Matches Your Home

    Your fireplace is a central feature of your living space. As you are working with a fireplace contractor in San Jose to create a new electric fireplace for your home, you will need to consider your choice of mantel carefully. By building a mantel that pairs well with the rest of your interior décor, you will be able to create an attractive addition to your living room or den. To assist you with your upcoming fireplace installation, here are some tips for choosing a mantel that matches your home. Modern Mantel Installation in San Jose, CA

    Consider Modern Materials

    While traditional fireplace mantels are crafted from brick or stone, many modern units feature mantels that have been built out of modern materials. Brushed steel, for instance, is a terrific choice for a modern fireplace design. When you choose sleek metallic materials for your mantel installation, you will provide your fireplace with a streamlined and contemporary silhouette. If your home already has a more modern style, metals or other industrial materials may be the right choice for your mantel.

    Look at Traditional Designs

    If you are not ready to go fully contemporary with your mantel installation, you may want to consider more traditional designs for your fireplace. Brick and stone are both classic materials for mantel installations. An experienced fireplace contractor will be able to build you a customized stone mantel that matches the architecture and design sensibility of your living space.

    Gain Inspiration from Your Décor

    To make sure that your mantel matches the design of your living space, you may want to gain some inspiration from the furnishings that you currently have in your home. If your furniture features certain colors or patterns, these decorative elements can be mirrored in your mantel design. You can even mix and match materials and colors on your mantel so that your fireplace creates the perfect reflection of your interior design sensibility. A fireplace contractor can help you build the fully customized mantel that you have always wanted.

  • Stylish Fireplace Accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth

    An efficient fireplace in San Jose can be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor living space. This provides you with an alternative source of heat and can save you money on your heating bills. Your fireplace can do more than keep you warm, however, and the right choice can work wonders for your home design. Pilgrim Home and Hearth offers a wide variety of accessories so you can make the most of your fireplace both functionally and aesthetically. Continue reading to learn about some stylish fireplace accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth .

    You need tools like a poker, broom, and dustpan for your fireplace, and Pilgrim offers luxurious choices from the 1600 up to the 2600 Series Ball. Hearth rugs lay by the hearth and provide a comfortable surface, but they also add a new cosmetic element and can help to round out the look of your fireplace. Pilgrim Home and Hearth’s collection includes a broad range of options, from floral designs to intricate and formal patterns. If your mantle is looking a little bare, you might consider a candelabra to add even more light and decor to the space.

     Accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lighting Fixtures

    There is a good reason why some people are LED lighting specialists in San Jose, and it’s always wise to take their advice. Not everyone knows how to choose eco-friendly lights or pick the most efficient LED bulbs, so don’t hesitate to ask the professionals any questions you might have. Consider the aesthetics already present in your house, but don’t overlook functionality. Try diversifying your lighting so you can create different types of environments in the same space, and keep reading about the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your lighting.  LED lighting specialists

    Not Thinking About Context

    You might fall in love with one of the first lighting fixtures you see when you enter the showroom, but you should consider what that fixture will look like inside your space before you make the purchase. If you come across LED lighting that leaves a lasting impression, think about how it would look hanging in the middle of the room or above your mantel. Some people make hasty decisions and end up realizing that the eco-friendly lights they loved in the showroom don’t fit the design they have put together for their homes. Always keep the context of your home’s design in mind when choosing an LED lighting fixture.

    Ignoring Practicality

    You need some kind of lighting to go about your life after dark, but some people end up getting caught up in aesthetics rather than thinking about functionality. While it’s great to find a lighting fixture that fits right in with your interior or exterior design, you should find one that also provides the right amount of lighting for function and safety. Eco-friendly lights can save you money on your energy bills while offering something new to your aesthetic design.

    Adding Too Much Overhead Lighting

    When there are so many different types of LED lighting out there, there’s no reason to stick to only one kind. Try to mix different types of lighting into your design scheme. Too much overhead lighting can be overwhelming at times, and it’s not as versatile as choosing a handful of different types of LED lights.

  • Features to Highlight with Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor lighting can do just as much for your home’s appeal as the lighting you use inside. If you want to really take your curb appeal to the next level, LED lighting in San Jose may be the way to do it. You can use your outdoor lighting to place emphasis on the attractive areas of your yard. If you’ve spent time cultivating your landscape, it’s logical that you’d want people to be able to see it. Look ahead for some examples of features to highlight with landscape lighting .

    What is the point of spending time, energy, and money on your landscaping if people can only see it during the day? If you’ve gone above and beyond to take care of your yard, you might want to consider using landscape lighting to keep it visible at all times. Whether you’ve planted new bushes to surround your outdoor patio or you have got a new tree in your front yard, you can use landscape lighting to show it off to the neighborhood. The best part is that your new shrubbery and foliage can stay perfectly illuminated without using up too much energy thanks to LED light bulbs.

    Landscape lighting

  • Recognizing the Signs of a Ceiling Fan Problem

    The summer season is nearly here, and now is an important time to make sure that your home’s ceiling fans are fully operational. Just as you set up regular maintenance for your fireplace before the start of winter, it is equally important to schedule routine tune ups for the ceiling fans that cool your home. Fortunately, the same fireplace contractor that maintains your fireplace near San Jose can also take a look at your ceiling fans to ensure that they are full operational. If you are wondering whether it is time to call your contractor, take a look at these three signs of a ceiling fan problem. Signs of ceiling fan problems

    Loud Humming Noises

    When your ceiling fan is operating correctly, it should spin without making too much sound. While certain gentle noises are typical for any ceiling fan, unusually loud sounds should provide you with cause for concern. In some cases, ceiling fan noises may be caused by improperly connected wires and switches. A certified contractor can disassemble your fan plates and determine whether a wiring issue is causing your problems.

    Wobbly Blades

    In the event that your ceiling fan gets off balance, its blades may start to wobble as it spins. Eventually, a wobbling ceiling fan could be at risk of falling from the ceiling and putting you and your loved ones at risk of harm. With services from a ceiling fan and electrical contractor, you will be able to make sure that you fan is evenly and firmly screwed into its bracket housing.

    Failure to Turn On

    If your ceiling fan fails to turn on altogether, you may have a more significant electrical problem on your hands. To troubleshoot this issue, you can start by checking the fuse that supplies electricity from your electrical box to the fan’s wiring. If the circuit breaker has not tripped, it is necessary to contact your electrician for repairs. A new wiring installation may be able to restore function to your ceiling fan.

  • Picking Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

    When you are designing a new kitchen island, it is important to choose the right lighting for your space. In this video, you will learn some essential tips for selecting the LED lights that will hang over your kitchen island space. If your ceiling is a bit lower in height, you will want to pick out LED light fixtures that rest on semi-flush mounts. Higher ceilings can benefit from clustered pendant light installations. Your LED lighting specialists in San Jose can help you pick out the ideal lighting for your kitchen island.

    One of the benefits of choosing LED lighting for your kitchen is that these eco-friendly lights will help you go green in your home. By making the switch to LED lights, you can conserve energy and reduce the amount of money that you spend on your monthly electrical bills.

  • Breaking Down Myths About LED Lighting

    Are you interested in making the switch to LED lighting in San Jose? If so, then you can benefit from learning more about these eco-friendly lights. Read on to find out the truth about common myths surrounding LEDs. Myths about LED lighting

    Myth #1: They don’t save power.

    Among the most common reasons why people delay replacing their old light bulbs with LED ones is a misconception that they are not energy-saving. The typical LED bulb consumes between 1/8 th and 1/10 th the amount of power that an incandescent one does. Additionally, only about 10% of the energy used by an incandescent light bulb is used to generate light, while the rest turns into heat. Once you know the truth about how much less power is needed for LED lighting, the choice to switch to these bulbs becomes a simple one.

    Myth 2: They’re just a more expensive light bulb.

    LED lights are computers that are equipped with electronic chips, and they function much differently than incandescent bulbs, which are powered by vacuum-tubes. It is true that early LED light bulbs were costly, but those that are available today are significantly lower in price. When you consider their power-saving qualities and long lifespan, LEDs more than make up for their cost over time.

    Myth #3: They don’t work.

    Another reason why you might find yourself hesitating before buying an LED light bulb is having the misunderstanding that these lights don’t work. In reality, many industrial equipment manufacturers, TV makers, and car manufacturers have made the switch to LED lighting to cut down on power. Furthermore, LED bulbs are more durable because they don’t shatter like their conventional counterparts or contain electrodes and gasses.

    Myth #4: They aren’t worth the investment.

    As household appliances continue to be made more and more energy-efficient, some experts predict that lighting will eventually account for a significant portion of the average household’s electric bills if changes in lighting aren’t made. Making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs can reduce your household’s energy costs now and long-term.

  • Picking a Unique Fireplace Mantel

    A fireplace is at the heart and soul of any living room. Whether you are purchasing a new gas fireplace, or you are building a new conventional fireplace for your home, you will want to make sure that you adorn your new fireplace with a mantle that is both beautiful and functional. A fireplace contractor in San Jose can provide you with a tour of some of the mantel styles that are available for your home. From sleek, contemporary mantels to rustic mantels that feature classic designs, you will have a range of options to pick from during your installation. Here is a look at some handy tips that will help you pick a unique fireplace mantel for your home. Fireplace contractor in San Jose

    Consider Your Materials

    When you are picking a fireplace mantel, it is important to select materials that represent the overall style and décor of your living room space. Some popular materials that can be used for mantel installations include wood, metal, and natural stone. By selecting a gorgeous material for your mantel, you can make a stunning statement with your fireplace design.

    Look at Sizing Options

    Size is another factor that can be incorporated into your unique mantel installation. An oversized mantel, for example, will become a focal point for your room. If you choose a smaller mantel size, you can ensure that your fireplace blends in with your furnishings. A fireplace contractor can help you design a mantel that is appropriately sized for your interior space.

    Evaluate Styling Cues

    Ultimately, the uniqueness of your fireplace comes down to its overall style. Ideally, you will want your fireplace to feature styling cues that match your interior design scheme. If you have a very contemporary home, you may want to create a fireplace mantel out of sleek metal or natural stone materials. A natural stone mantel can be decked out with custom grout work and other beautiful design features. Once you have selected styling cues that match with your vision, you will be ready to start building your custom fireplace.

  • The Advantages of Updating Your Home’s Light Bulbs and Fixtures

    Lighting is a key element for any interior design scheme. If you want to update the look and feel of your home, but do not want to invest in costly renovations, you may want to consider a new lighting installation. LED lighting can boost your home’s energy efficiency, while also providing you with many different lighting design options. A team of LED lighting specialists in San Jose can help you update all of the light bulbs and fixtures throughout your home. Let’s examine some of the advantages of updating your home’s light bulbs and fixtures with LED models. Home light bulbs and fixtures

    Save Electricity

    When homeowners convert their conventional light bulbs to LED units, they are able to save significantly on their electricity bills. By taking the time to switch over your incandescent light bulbs to LED models, you will be able to reduce your lighting energy consumption by 75 percent. Saving electricity will help you cut back on your monthly bills, and consciously reducing your energy consumption is also incredibly eco friendly.

    Improved Lifespan

    If you have ever gotten tired of changing the light bulbs throughout your home, now may be the time to update your conventional bulbs with LED models. LED light bulbs last years longer than any other type of modern lighting. When you install new LED light bulbs and fixtures throughout your property, you will not have to worry about changing your bulbs for many years in the future.

    Fantastic Style

    LED light bulbs and fixtures are a beautiful addition to any interior or exterior space throughout the home. When you are shopping for new LED lights, you will be amazed at the wide assortment of colors and styles that are now available. From soft blue bulbs to vibrant yellow fixtures, LED lights come in an assortment of colors. A lighting design specialist can help you choose the ideal lighting colors for your home.

  • Should You Use LED or CFL Bulbs?

    When you are creating a new lighting design for your home, you will typically have a choice between CFL or LED lighting. In this video, you will receive a comparison of CFL and LED bulbs. One of the top reasons to choose LED lighting is that is that LED light bulbs use about half of the electricity of CFL bulbs. A company that sells eco friendly lights in San Jose can answer your questions about the benefits of LED lighting.

    If you have recently decided that you are ready for a new lighting installation in your home , be sure to hire an experienced lighting contractor. By working with the professionals to create your lighting design, you will be able to reduce your electrical consumption and improve the ecological footprint of your household.