• What Are the Benefits of Converting to a Gas Fireplace?

    If you have heard that there are benefits to having a gas fireplace and wonder if this option is right for you, then you should know that there are several reasons why you may want to convert your fireplace to gas in San Jose .

    Converting to a gas fireplace can be a good option for anyone interested in living a more eco-friendly lifestyle, as burning gas is cleaner than burning wood and doesn’t release nearly as much particulate matter into the air. Plus, you can avoid filling your house with the smell of wood smoke by converting your wood-burning fireplace into a gas-fueled one. Also, using gas logs instead of wood ones means less hassle and cleanup for you. Lastly, lighting your fire is a breeze when you have a gas fireplace, as this can be done by flipping a switch or clicking a remote instead of using a lighter and kindling to coax a fire to life.

    Benefits of Converting to a Gas Fireplace in San Jose, CA

  • Interested in Converting Your Fireplace to Gas? Don’t Worry-Our Logs Will Fool Your Guests

    In winter, fireplaces are among the most loved household features for many families. Adding warmth, atmosphere, and visual beauty, it’s no wonder that many people look forward to cold weather simply for the opportunity to use their fireplace. However, more and more people are converting their old, wood-burning fireplaces to gas-burning ones. If you’re considering turning your wood-burning fireplace in San Jose into one that uses gas, but you’re worried that it won’t have the same visual effect that burning wood does, then don’t worry—our realistic, gas logs are sure to fool your holiday guests.

    At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we are proud to offer gas logs that are the most realistic on the market. These logs are hand-cast and hand-dyed to maximize their realism, and they feature multi-point burners and glowing embers that mimic the appearance of burning wood. Wright Lighting and Fireside has provided thousands of customers with gas fireplace logs, which require no special ducting or electrical wiring and offer greater convenience and ease-of-use than traditional fireplaces. For more information about our fireplace conversion services, please visit our website.

    Realistic gas logs

  • Enjoy a Clean-Burning and Mess-Free Fireplace This Season

    Fireplaces can add comfort to any room, but unfortunately, traditional fireplaces can also create air pollution, not to mention a mess in your home. The good news is that you don’t have to choose between the appeal of operating a fireplace in San Jose and the inconveniences that enjoying your fireplace could bring. The solution is to convert your wood burning fireplace to a gas log model.

    When you convert your fireplace to gas, you can turn it on and off with a single switch or remote. You don’t have to go through the hassle of buying and storing firewood or crinkling up newspapers in hopes of getting a fire going. Because there is no wood or paper being burned, your gas log fireplace will burn clean without impacting your air quality. There is no need for additional cleaning after using your fireplace, since it won’t generate any soot. The conversion process is easy for more units, so talk to your fireplace contractor about your options today. Fireplace tools

  • Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

    If the idea of a fireplace brings up pictures of ski lodges and formal living rooms, then you may be surprised to discover how contemporary design has turned the traditional fireplace on its head. Although there are plenty of choices for people who enjoy a conventional fireplace for their homes, lovers of modern design can now easily incorporate a fireplace into their décor without compromising their aesthetic. If you would like a fireplace in San Jose but aren’t sure how it will fit into your contemporary style, here is a look at some of your options.

    Gas Log Conversions

    Wood burning fireplaces require you to invest in wood, find a place to store your wood, and work to start a fire every time you want to use it. With a gas log, you can simply flick a switch and watch your fire roar to life. Because there is no special ducting required, gas log fireplaces don’t have to take up a lot of room, and because you’re not burning wood, you don’t have to worry about air particle pollution. Gas log fires don’t rely on electricity, so they are also energy-efficient. Upgrade your traditional fireplace with a sleek, new screen and convert to a gas log to get the comfort of a burning fire without the outdated inconveniences.

    River Rocks Contemporary fireplace design ideas

    Forgo the traditional look of fireplaces by using river rocks in the interior design of your unit. If you have an existing, wood burning fireplace, this means getting rid of the stand for the logs and filling that area with river rocks instead, surrounding a gas log. The rocks are a calming, natural addition to a contemporary space, while the gas log makes the fireplace easier to use.

    Crushed Glass

    Encased in a modern fireplace door and mantle unit with clean lines, crushed glass gives your fireplace a contemporary upgrade. The glass can be used in the same way as river rocks, and the clear colors of the glass give your fireplace a crisp, unobtrusive feel. Combined with a gas log, crushed glass fireplaces are eco-friendly and simple to operate.

  • Stylish Fireplace Accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth

    An efficient fireplace in San Jose can be a great addition to your indoor or outdoor living space. This provides you with an alternative source of heat and can save you money on your heating bills. Your fireplace can do more than keep you warm, however, and the right choice can work wonders for your home design. Pilgrim Home and Hearth offers a wide variety of accessories so you can make the most of your fireplace both functionally and aesthetically. Continue reading to learn about some stylish fireplace accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth .

    You need tools like a poker, broom, and dustpan for your fireplace, and Pilgrim offers luxurious choices from the 1600 up to the 2600 Series Ball. Hearth rugs lay by the hearth and provide a comfortable surface, but they also add a new cosmetic element and can help to round out the look of your fireplace. Pilgrim Home and Hearth’s collection includes a broad range of options, from floral designs to intricate and formal patterns. If your mantle is looking a little bare, you might consider a candelabra to add even more light and decor to the space.

     Accessories by Pilgrim Home and Hearth

  • The Basic Anatomy of a Gas Fireplace

    More and more people are switching to a gas fireplace in San Jose, but they don’t always stop to think about what that actually means. A gas fireplace has certain components, and it helps to know a little bit about each of them so you can care for them properly or know when to call the professionals. The thermocouple, thermopile, and pilot light are the 3 basic elements that you should be aware of. If you’re thinking about making the conversion, keep reading to learn about the basic anatomy of a gas fireplace. Anatomy of a Gas Fireplace in San Jose, CA


    It’s important to keep an eye on the temperature of your gas fireplace, and that’s where your thermocouple comes in. This is a metal rod that senses the temperature. When the temperature drops, the thermocouple generates electricity and lights the gas. The thermocouple plays an integral role in your gas fireplace’s operation, but it’s a small piece and needs to be taken care of properly. This piece also interacts with other elements of your fireplace, making it even more important. Problems with a thermocouple tend to relate to the way it has been installed and whether or not it has remained in its proper position.


    Whereas the thermocouple senses the temperature of the fireplace to ignite the gas and fuel the fire, the thermopile is a different kind of sensor. This sensor generates voltage, and in certain models, it stands in place of the thermocouple. You might also hear a thermopile referred to as a millivolt generator or a gas fireplace generator. It’s not easy to replace or even test these components, so you should have your professional look before you try taking on the process by yourself.

    Pilot Light

    You need a source for the initial ignition of the fire, and for your gas fireplace, this is the pilot light. You can find your pilot light in the vent, and you can quickly and easily tell if the flame is out or if it’s lit. If you’re having trouble with your gas fireplace, check to see if the pilot light is still lit.

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lighting Fixtures

    There is a good reason why some people are LED lighting specialists in San Jose, and it’s always wise to take their advice. Not everyone knows how to choose eco-friendly lights or pick the most efficient LED bulbs, so don’t hesitate to ask the professionals any questions you might have. Consider the aesthetics already present in your house, but don’t overlook functionality. Try diversifying your lighting so you can create different types of environments in the same space, and keep reading about the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your lighting.  LED lighting specialists

    Not Thinking About Context

    You might fall in love with one of the first lighting fixtures you see when you enter the showroom, but you should consider what that fixture will look like inside your space before you make the purchase. If you come across LED lighting that leaves a lasting impression, think about how it would look hanging in the middle of the room or above your mantel. Some people make hasty decisions and end up realizing that the eco-friendly lights they loved in the showroom don’t fit the design they have put together for their homes. Always keep the context of your home’s design in mind when choosing an LED lighting fixture.

    Ignoring Practicality

    You need some kind of lighting to go about your life after dark, but some people end up getting caught up in aesthetics rather than thinking about functionality. While it’s great to find a lighting fixture that fits right in with your interior or exterior design, you should find one that also provides the right amount of lighting for function and safety. Eco-friendly lights can save you money on your energy bills while offering something new to your aesthetic design.

    Adding Too Much Overhead Lighting

    When there are so many different types of LED lighting out there, there’s no reason to stick to only one kind. Try to mix different types of lighting into your design scheme. Too much overhead lighting can be overwhelming at times, and it’s not as versatile as choosing a handful of different types of LED lights.

  • Features to Highlight with Landscape Lighting

    Outdoor lighting can do just as much for your home’s appeal as the lighting you use inside. If you want to really take your curb appeal to the next level, LED lighting in San Jose may be the way to do it. You can use your outdoor lighting to place emphasis on the attractive areas of your yard. If you’ve spent time cultivating your landscape, it’s logical that you’d want people to be able to see it. Look ahead for some examples of features to highlight with landscape lighting .

    What is the point of spending time, energy, and money on your landscaping if people can only see it during the day? If you’ve gone above and beyond to take care of your yard, you might want to consider using landscape lighting to keep it visible at all times. Whether you’ve planted new bushes to surround your outdoor patio or you have got a new tree in your front yard, you can use landscape lighting to show it off to the neighborhood. The best part is that your new shrubbery and foliage can stay perfectly illuminated without using up too much energy thanks to LED light bulbs.

    Landscape lighting

  • Recognizing the Signs of a Ceiling Fan Problem

    The summer season is nearly here, and now is an important time to make sure that your home’s ceiling fans are fully operational. Just as you set up regular maintenance for your fireplace before the start of winter, it is equally important to schedule routine tune ups for the ceiling fans that cool your home. Fortunately, the same fireplace contractor that maintains your fireplace near San Jose can also take a look at your ceiling fans to ensure that they are full operational. If you are wondering whether it is time to call your contractor, take a look at these three signs of a ceiling fan problem. Signs of ceiling fan problems

    Loud Humming Noises

    When your ceiling fan is operating correctly, it should spin without making too much sound. While certain gentle noises are typical for any ceiling fan, unusually loud sounds should provide you with cause for concern. In some cases, ceiling fan noises may be caused by improperly connected wires and switches. A certified contractor can disassemble your fan plates and determine whether a wiring issue is causing your problems.

    Wobbly Blades

    In the event that your ceiling fan gets off balance, its blades may start to wobble as it spins. Eventually, a wobbling ceiling fan could be at risk of falling from the ceiling and putting you and your loved ones at risk of harm. With services from a ceiling fan and electrical contractor, you will be able to make sure that you fan is evenly and firmly screwed into its bracket housing.

    Failure to Turn On

    If your ceiling fan fails to turn on altogether, you may have a more significant electrical problem on your hands. To troubleshoot this issue, you can start by checking the fuse that supplies electricity from your electrical box to the fan’s wiring. If the circuit breaker has not tripped, it is necessary to contact your electrician for repairs. A new wiring installation may be able to restore function to your ceiling fan.

  • Making the Most of Your Outdoor Space with the Right Lighting

    When the summer season kicks into full gear, you should make the most of warm evenings by hosting get-togethers in your backyard. With the proper LED lighting, you can make your outdoor spaces warm and enjoyable when the sun goes down. A team of LED lighting specialists in San Jose will be able to work with you to help you pick out eco-friendly lights that perfectly illuminate your outdoor patio or other spaces. To help you get started on the lighting design process, here is an overview of some lighting ideas for your outdoor spaces. LED lighting For Outdoor Space in San Jose, CA

    Illuminate Walkways

    To ensure that your family and guests feel comfortable enjoying your backyard space after dark, you will need to illuminate your walkways and pathways. LED lights that are positioned low to the ground will bathe your outdoor walkways with a steady stream of light. As an added bonus, your illuminated walkways will make it easier to get to your front or back doors when you return home at night.

    Highlight Landscaping Features

    As you are planning your LED lighting design with your contractor, it is smart to choose certain landscaping features that you will want to highlight through outdoor lighting. By pointing spotlights on mature trees or bushes, you can create a focal point for your outdoor lighting design. These illuminated landscaping features may also serve as natural gathering places for your guests during your summertime gatherings.

    Create Task Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens

    If you love to grill up delicious dishes during the summer, the right lighting can help you keep grilling throughout the coming season. A landscape lighting designer will be able to create task lighting that illuminates your grill and outdoor meal prep areas. With your newly installed lights, you will be able to make sure that you are able to easily see all of the items that you are cooking up on your outdoor grill. Overall, your new outdoor lighting design is sure to enhance your enjoyment of the summer season.