• Mixing and Matching Your Bathroom Lighting

    When you’re considering lighting for your bathroom, your first inclination may be that it doesn’t need much more than an overhead light. In reality, while lighting in the bathroom is often overlooked, mixing and matching your light sources can make the room feel more comfortable and useful. Fortunately, LED lighting makes it easier than ever to mix and match your bathroom lights while still maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle in San Jose. Here are some tips for finding the right blend of lighting for your bathroom.

    Modern Bathroom Lighting by Wright Lighting and Fireside

    Think of Layers

    Bathrooms with the best lighting have multiple sources of light that can be layered in different ways for different effects. You need task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting to get the most from your bathroom. These kinds of lighting can work together for functional reasons or be used to separately to achieve different effects. By layering the light, you have a variety of options to create the right look and feel for your bathroom at any time.

    Consider the Mirror

    In the bathroom, you’re likely to spend considerable time looking in the mirror with tasks like putting on makeup, fixing your hair, and shaving. Shouldn’t the lighting be as flattering as possible? Task lighting, which should be placed near the sink and mirror and be spaced so that it doesn’t cast shadows, is necessary for functionality but isn’t necessarily the most flattering. Couple your task lighting with ambient lighting to soften the glow of task lighting so the mirror becomes your friend rather than a foe.

    Set the Stage

    Your bathroom should sometimes be a place you can escape to for a soak in the tub or long shower. Decorative lighting and accent lighting can highlight the features you want to show off in your bathroom without creating a bright glare that infers with your relaxation. Soft lighting is also ideal for using the bathroom in the middle of night. Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for the way you want to use your bathroom.

  • Why Every Home Should Have Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is both beautiful and functional, and thanks to LED lighting solutions, it is more eco-friendly than ever before. In fact, outdoor lighting can now be comfortably part of your commitment to green living, alongside your other eco-friendly lights. If you’re on the fence about installing outdoor LED lighting in San Jose , here are some of the benefits to keep in mind as you make your decision.

    Outdoor LED lighting by Wright Lighting and Fireside in San Jose


    Outdoor lights increase safety in a number of ways. Because they can illuminate walkways, they help to reduce the risk of falls that occur as people navigate areas in the dark. If you have an outdoor kitchen or pool, lighting makes it safer to use these things after dark. Outdoor lighting also makes your home look occupied, so that intruders who are targeting empty homes are discouraged from choosing your property. Motion-detecting outdoor lights will switch on if someone comes on your property, which further discourages trespassing and criminal activity.

    Livable Space

    More and more homeowners are embracing the idea that living doesn’t have to be restricted to the interior of your house. Elaborate patios, outdoor kitchens, pools, hot tubs, and even outdoor dens with television screens and music all give you more livable space in your home. These areas become much easier and enjoyable to use with outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting increases the functionality of these spaces and makes them more comfortable.

    Curb Appeal

    Outdoor lighting plays a dramatic role in curb appeal. You can choose to place lighting in certain areas to spotlight different parts of your landscaping or pull attention to a specific part of the design of your home. Using warm lights outside makes your home look inviting and welcoming, compared to a dark house that can look empty and unattractive. If you are trying to sell your home, outdoor lighting can be helpful in making your house stand out from the rest and look like the kind of place buyers can imagine coming home to.

  • Aging in Place Safely with the Right Lighting

    As you get older, the risk of suffering serious harm from a fall increases. While many people tend to associate injuries with the outdoors, many of the worst slip and fall accidents happen in the home. This means that it becomes more and more important to take precautions in your home—or in a loved one’s home—to reduce the chances of a fall. One of the most important steps you can take is to install the proper lighting. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

    Start with your living spaces. Lighting Installations Services in San Jose

    You should make sure that all of the most-used rooms in your home are fully illuminated. This will probably include all bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways, stairways, and the kitchen. Even if you don’t use them frequently, however, you should make sure that areas such as attics and garages have bright, adequate lighting.

    Don’t forget the outdoors.

    It’s equally important to make sure that outdoor areas such as porches have the proper amount of illumination. Make sure that the lights are placed so that they will keep steps visible, and also make sure that gates and other entryways are easy to see at night.

    Invest in motion sensors.

    One of the best ways to ensure that seniors are safe in their homes is to purchase motion-sensitive lighting. This means that lights will automatically switch on whenever a person walks into the room, without any need to flip a switch. This helps to ensure that accidents don’t happen as a result of forgetfulness or difficulty using light switches as a result of stiff muscles.

    Make sure the lights are bright enough.

    It won’t do any good to have lights in every room if they aren’t bright enough to illuminate your way. If any of your lights are starting to fade, make sure to replace the bulbs right away. Better yet, use LED lights, which provide better illumination and are also more long-lasting than traditional lights.

  • The Do’s and Don’ts of Chandelier Selection and Placement

    A chandelier can make a stunning statement in your home’s interior design. If you are gearing up to install new, eco-friendly lights throughout your home, talk to your LED lighting specialists in San Jose about the possibility of installing a brand-new chandelier . Not only will an LED chandelier help you save energy, but this light fixture can also serve as a central focal point for your room. When you are shopping for and installing a new chandelier, be sure to keep following the do’s and don’ts of chandelier selection and placement in mind. Chandelier selection and placement

    Do: Choose a chandelier that is properly sized.

    As you are picking out a brand new chandelier for your home, you will want to ensure that you select a fixture that is the right size for your space. An oversized chandelier will overwhelm your interior design aesthetic, whereas a fixture that is too small may look out of place in the room. To calculate the ideal dimensions for your chandelier, you should find a fixture that has a diameter that is about 1/12 th the square footage of the room.

    Don’t: Place your chandelier too close to a wall or window.

    Once you have found a chandelier that is the right size for your room, your next task will be to find the ideal spot for installation. If your chandelier is installed so that it touches a wall or window, it may throw the design of your room off balance. Ideally, your chandelier should be no closer than 4 feet from any adjacent walls.

    Do: Hang your chandelier at a safe height.

    Whether your home has high, vaulted ceilings or is lower in profile, you will need to adjust the length of your chandelier with care. A chandelier that is installed in the middle of a room should be high enough so that you and your family members can walk underneath the fixture with ease. When you are installing a chandelier over a dining room table, make sure that your fixture is at least 3 feet from the surface of the tabletop.

  • Choosing a Mantel That Matches Your Home

    Your fireplace is a central feature of your living space. As you are working with a fireplace contractor in San Jose to create a new electric fireplace for your home, you will need to consider your choice of mantel carefully. By building a mantel that pairs well with the rest of your interior décor, you will be able to create an attractive addition to your living room or den. To assist you with your upcoming fireplace installation, here are some tips for choosing a mantel that matches your home. Modern Mantel Installation in San Jose, CA

    Consider Modern Materials

    While traditional fireplace mantels are crafted from brick or stone, many modern units feature mantels that have been built out of modern materials. Brushed steel, for instance, is a terrific choice for a modern fireplace design. When you choose sleek metallic materials for your mantel installation, you will provide your fireplace with a streamlined and contemporary silhouette. If your home already has a more modern style, metals or other industrial materials may be the right choice for your mantel.

    Look at Traditional Designs

    If you are not ready to go fully contemporary with your mantel installation, you may want to consider more traditional designs for your fireplace. Brick and stone are both classic materials for mantel installations. An experienced fireplace contractor will be able to build you a customized stone mantel that matches the architecture and design sensibility of your living space.

    Gain Inspiration from Your Décor

    To make sure that your mantel matches the design of your living space, you may want to gain some inspiration from the furnishings that you currently have in your home. If your furniture features certain colors or patterns, these decorative elements can be mirrored in your mantel design. You can even mix and match materials and colors on your mantel so that your fireplace creates the perfect reflection of your interior design sensibility. A fireplace contractor can help you build the fully customized mantel that you have always wanted.

  • The Making of LED Lights

    LED lighting has transformed the way that we illuminate our homes. If you are curious about the process that goes into the making of LED bulbs, watch this video. In order to create LED lights, a team of technicians must carefully make a set of proper lighting chips. Once the chips have been energized, they can be placed into LED light bulbs. A company that offers LED lighting in San Jose can help you pick out the best light fixtures for your home.

    If you are interested in making the switch to LED lighting in your home, now is a great time to schedule your installation. When you replace your conventional light bulbs with LED lights, you can enhance the energy efficiency and overall style of your home’s lighting design.

  • What Size Ceiling Fan Should I Get? (And Other FAQs)

    If the summer heat is starting to make you and your family members feel like you are melting, now is a fantastic time to contact your LED lighting specialists in San Jose about setting up a new ceiling fan installation for your home. Low energy ceiling fans can help you save energy at home, while also keeping your indoor spaces cool and comfortable. Before you purchase and install new ceiling fans , you may have some questions about your upcoming procedure. Read on for a look at answers to some of the most commonly asked questions that homeowners have about ceiling fans. Ceiling fans

    What size ceiling fan should I get?

    The size of ceiling fan that you should purchase is dependent on the total square footage of your room. A typical ceiling fan is 42 inches in diameter, and this size is appropriate for a room that is 12 feet by 12 feet. If your room is significantly smaller or larger than 12×12, you may need to shop for a fan that has a non-standard blade length.

    How far should the fan be from the floor?

    When your contractors install your ceiling fan, they will measure carefully to make sure that the blades of the fan are an appropriate distance from the floor. To keep your family safe from injury, it is typically recommended that your ceiling fan is installed with at least 7 feet of clearance. Rooms that have vaulted ceilings or other architectural features, however, many need to have customized fan heights.

    Can I install my ceiling fan on my own?

    Some homeowners are tempted to try and install their ceiling fans using tools that they have around the house. Attempting a DIY ceiling fan installation, however, can be very dangerous. In fact, certain areas require that all ceiling fans are placed by professional contractors. To make sure that your ceiling fan is safely secured to your ceiling and outlet, you should always hire a professional to perform this service.

  • Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Lighting Fixtures

    There is a good reason why some people are LED lighting specialists in San Jose, and it’s always wise to take their advice. Not everyone knows how to choose eco-friendly lights or pick the most efficient LED bulbs, so don’t hesitate to ask the professionals any questions you might have. Consider the aesthetics already present in your house, but don’t overlook functionality. Try diversifying your lighting so you can create different types of environments in the same space, and keep reading about the mistakes that you should avoid when choosing your lighting.  LED lighting specialists

    Not Thinking About Context

    You might fall in love with one of the first lighting fixtures you see when you enter the showroom, but you should consider what that fixture will look like inside your space before you make the purchase. If you come across LED lighting that leaves a lasting impression, think about how it would look hanging in the middle of the room or above your mantel. Some people make hasty decisions and end up realizing that the eco-friendly lights they loved in the showroom don’t fit the design they have put together for their homes. Always keep the context of your home’s design in mind when choosing an LED lighting fixture.

    Ignoring Practicality

    You need some kind of lighting to go about your life after dark, but some people end up getting caught up in aesthetics rather than thinking about functionality. While it’s great to find a lighting fixture that fits right in with your interior or exterior design, you should find one that also provides the right amount of lighting for function and safety. Eco-friendly lights can save you money on your energy bills while offering something new to your aesthetic design.

    Adding Too Much Overhead Lighting

    When there are so many different types of LED lighting out there, there’s no reason to stick to only one kind. Try to mix different types of lighting into your design scheme. Too much overhead lighting can be overwhelming at times, and it’s not as versatile as choosing a handful of different types of LED lights.

  • The Homeowner’s Guide to Picking a Ceiling Fan

    A ceiling fan is more than just a partner to your LED lighting in San Jose—it brings both decorative and practical advantages to the home. Your fan may help you save electricity while keeping your family cool during the summer, but they’re not all equally efficient. Fortunately, there are professionals who can teach you about the benefits of different kinds of fans , giving you the information you need to make the right choice. Here’s the homeowner’s guide to picking a ceiling fan: Benefits of ceiling fans

    Why You Need One

    As is the case with any appliance you might set out to look for, you should think about why you need it so that you can choose the best one. A ceiling fan can be a low energy fixture that makes a significant difference in terms of the comfort of your home. Some homeowners decide that it’s time to upgrade their ceiling fans for purely aesthetic purposes, while others purchase new fans because their old ones became worn out over time. Remember that new fans can help you save electricity, especially when used properly in conjunction with an efficient air conditioner. Not all ceiling fans offer the same benefits, so think about what you want out of yours.

    Where to Get One

    If you want a ceiling fan that will help you save electricity, cut down on energy bills, and keep your home at your preferred temperature, it’s never a bad idea to ask the experts for help. A company that specializes in ceiling fans, lighting, and energy efficiency should be able to point you in the right direction without any trouble. This can make the buying process much simpler, as you’ll have a qualified guide to walk you through it.

    Which One Is Right

    Ceiling fans can go outdoors or indoors as well as be traditional or modern styled. Aesthetically, it’s wise to look at a few options and think about which one would make the most sense given how your space already looks. Find a fan that is cosmetically pleasing as well as energy efficient and functional.

  • Getting the Lighting Right in Your Home Office

    If you want to be productive in your home office, your LED lighting in San Jose can make a significant difference . You’ll have all kinds of options to choose from in terms of lighting fixtures, and you can even experiment with different placements. Watch this video for help getting the lighting right in your home office.

    Lighting can have a real impact on the atmosphere of your space. If you want to make the most of your home office, you should put some thought into the lighting. When it comes to task lighting, it’s important to think about how you can reduce the glare. You can do this by focusing on the angle of your lights. It helps to have lights to your left and your right, crossing their beams and illuminating your work surface, as this will reduce the risk of glare and protect your eyes.