Mixing and Matching Your Bathroom Lighting

Modern Bathroom Lighting by Wright Lighting and Fireside

When you’re considering lighting for your bathroom, your first inclination may be that it doesn’t need much more than an overhead light. In reality, while lighting in the bathroom is often overlooked, mixing and matching your light sources can make the room feel more comfortable and useful. Fortunately, LED lighting makes it easier than ever to mix and match your bathroom lights while still maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle in San Jose. Here are some tips for finding the right blend of lighting for your bathroom.

Modern Bathroom Lighting by Wright Lighting and Fireside

Think of Layers

Bathrooms with the best lighting have multiple sources of light that can be layered in different ways for different effects. You need task, ambient, accent, and decorative lighting to get the most from your bathroom. These kinds of lighting can work together for functional reasons or be used to separately to achieve different effects. By layering the light, you have a variety of options to create the right look and feel for your bathroom at any time.

Consider the Mirror

In the bathroom, you’re likely to spend considerable time looking in the mirror with tasks like putting on makeup, fixing your hair, and shaving. Shouldn’t the lighting be as flattering as possible? Task lighting, which should be placed near the sink and mirror and be spaced so that it doesn’t cast shadows, is necessary for functionality but isn’t necessarily the most flattering. Couple your task lighting with ambient lighting to soften the glow of task lighting so the mirror becomes your friend rather than a foe.

Set the Stage

Your bathroom should sometimes be a place you can escape to for a soak in the tub or long shower. Decorative lighting and accent lighting can highlight the features you want to show off in your bathroom without creating a bright glare that infers with your relaxation. Soft lighting is also ideal for using the bathroom in the middle of night. Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for the way you want to use your bathroom.