Interested in Converting Your Fireplace to Gas? Don’t Worry-Our Logs Will Fool Your Guests

Fireplace conversion services by Wright Lighting and Fireside

In winter, fireplaces are among the most loved household features for many families. Adding warmth, atmosphere, and visual beauty, it’s no wonder that many people look forward to cold weather simply for the opportunity to use their fireplace. However, more and more people are converting their old, wood-burning fireplaces to gas-burning ones. If you’re considering turning your wood-burning fireplace in San Jose into one that uses gas, but you’re worried that it won’t have the same visual effect that burning wood does, then don’t worry—our realistic, gas logs are sure to fool your holiday guests.

At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we are proud to offer gas logs that are the most realistic on the market. These logs are hand-cast and hand-dyed to maximize their realism, and they feature multi-point burners and glowing embers that mimic the appearance of burning wood. Wright Lighting and Fireside has provided thousands of customers with gas fireplace logs, which require no special ducting or electrical wiring and offer greater convenience and ease-of-use than traditional fireplaces. For more information about our fireplace conversion services, please visit our website.

Realistic gas logs