Contemporary Fireplace Design Ideas

Fireplace design by Wright Lighting and Fireside

If the idea of a fireplace brings up pictures of ski lodges and formal living rooms, then you may be surprised to discover how contemporary design has turned the traditional fireplace on its head. Although there are plenty of choices for people who enjoy a conventional fireplace for their homes, lovers of modern design can now easily incorporate a fireplace into their décor without compromising their aesthetic. If you would like a fireplace in San Jose but aren’t sure how it will fit into your contemporary style, here is a look at some of your options.

Gas Log Conversions

Wood burning fireplaces require you to invest in wood, find a place to store your wood, and work to start a fire every time you want to use it. With a gas log, you can simply flick a switch and watch your fire roar to life. Because there is no special ducting required, gas log fireplaces don’t have to take up a lot of room, and because you’re not burning wood, you don’t have to worry about air particle pollution. Gas log fires don’t rely on electricity, so they are also energy-efficient. Upgrade your traditional fireplace with a sleek, new screen and convert to a gas log to get the comfort of a burning fire without the outdated inconveniences.

River Rocks Contemporary fireplace design ideas

Forgo the traditional look of fireplaces by using river rocks in the interior design of your unit. If you have an existing, wood burning fireplace, this means getting rid of the stand for the logs and filling that area with river rocks instead, surrounding a gas log. The rocks are a calming, natural addition to a contemporary space, while the gas log makes the fireplace easier to use.

Crushed Glass

Encased in a modern fireplace door and mantle unit with clean lines, crushed glass gives your fireplace a contemporary upgrade. The glass can be used in the same way as river rocks, and the clear colors of the glass give your fireplace a crisp, unobtrusive feel. Combined with a gas log, crushed glass fireplaces are eco-friendly and simple to operate.