• Picking Lighting for Your Kitchen Island

    When you are designing a new kitchen island, it is important to choose the right lighting for your space. In this video, you will learn some essential tips for selecting the LED lights that will hang over your kitchen island space. If your ceiling is a bit lower in height, you will want to pick out LED light fixtures that rest on semi-flush mounts. Higher ceilings can benefit from clustered pendant light installations. Your LED lighting specialists in San Jose can help you pick out the ideal lighting for your kitchen island.

    One of the benefits of choosing LED lighting for your kitchen is that these eco-friendly lights will help you go green in your home. By making the switch to LED lights, you can conserve energy and reduce the amount of money that you spend on your monthly electrical bills.

  • Breaking Down Myths About LED Lighting

    Are you interested in making the switch to LED lighting in San Jose? If so, then you can benefit from learning more about these eco-friendly lights. Read on to find out the truth about common myths surrounding LEDs. Myths about LED lighting

    Myth #1: They don’t save power.

    Among the most common reasons why people delay replacing their old light bulbs with LED ones is a misconception that they are not energy-saving. The typical LED bulb consumes between 1/8 th and 1/10 th the amount of power that an incandescent one does. Additionally, only about 10% of the energy used by an incandescent light bulb is used to generate light, while the rest turns into heat. Once you know the truth about how much less power is needed for LED lighting, the choice to switch to these bulbs becomes a simple one.

    Myth 2: They’re just a more expensive light bulb.

    LED lights are computers that are equipped with electronic chips, and they function much differently than incandescent bulbs, which are powered by vacuum-tubes. It is true that early LED light bulbs were costly, but those that are available today are significantly lower in price. When you consider their power-saving qualities and long lifespan, LEDs more than make up for their cost over time.

    Myth #3: They don’t work.

    Another reason why you might find yourself hesitating before buying an LED light bulb is having the misunderstanding that these lights don’t work. In reality, many industrial equipment manufacturers, TV makers, and car manufacturers have made the switch to LED lighting to cut down on power. Furthermore, LED bulbs are more durable because they don’t shatter like their conventional counterparts or contain electrodes and gasses.

    Myth #4: They aren’t worth the investment.

    As household appliances continue to be made more and more energy-efficient, some experts predict that lighting will eventually account for a significant portion of the average household’s electric bills if changes in lighting aren’t made. Making the switch to energy-efficient LEDs can reduce your household’s energy costs now and long-term.

  • Get the Facts About Monorail Lighting

    Are you planning to give your home’s interiors an update with new lighting in San Jose? If so, then you have a wide range of lighting styles to choose from that can give your décor a more modern and up-to-date appearance. One popular type of light for this purpose is called Monorail or track lighting. Continue reading to get the facts about these light fixtures. Monorail Lighting

    Monorail Lighting Is Highly Versatile

    Monorail lighting is incredibly useful and involves a series of lights that are attached to a long fixture. This type of lighting provides you with a way to install lighting anywhere along the run of the rod. Then, you can point the lights in the direction of your choosing, allowing you to do things like highlight a favorite painting, illuminate a shadowed corner of the room, or direct light precisely where you need it on your desk or work table. Monorail light fixtures usually run on 12 volts and require transformers, which are available in retrofit options and those that can be installed in an attic.

    Monorail Lighting Is an Improvement on Track Lighting

    If you have seen or heard of track lighting before, then you may be familiar with a long, straight fixture to which a series of lights are attached. Monorail lighting takes traditional track lighting to a new level by offering more flexibility and customizability. Using your hands, you can bend Monorail light fixtures into the freeform shape that you desire and still retain the ability to place lights anywhere along its length.

    Monorail Lighting Offers You Variety

    If you decide that Monorail lighting is the right choice for your home, then you will be happy to find that this lighting style comes in a wide range of sizes and varieties. Many homeowners choose to install several artistic glass pendant lights in place of a chandelier to illuminate a dining room table or kitchen island, and there is no shortage of selections when it comes to fixture and shade colors and styles.

  • Decorating with Wall Sconces

    Are you on the hunt for new light fixtures in San Jose that will improve the look of your home while blending in with your classic décor? If so, then consider installing wall sconces. These elegant and traditional light fixtures can be used to illuminate and enhance your home’s interiors in several ways.

    Do you have a piece of artwork or a large mirror in your home that seems like it’s missing something? If so, then consider installing a wall sconce on either side of the piece both to frame it and to light up the area. Wall sconces also look great on their own and even better in groupings. Consider stair-stepping 2 or 3 of these decorative elements on a wall near a sitting area or desk to add a classic feel, beautiful décor, and additional lighting to space. Finally, many people like to create a comforting and relaxing atmosphere in their bathrooms. To help achieve this, consider installing wall sconces over a bathtub or next to a vanity mirror to enhance the look of the room and add soft lighting to space.

    Decorate with scones