A Simple Guide to Choosing a Light Bulb

LED light bulbs in San Jose, CA

Today, many homes and business owners are looking into their options for eco-friendly lights and other ways to use less energy. If you’re hoping to save on electricity in San Jose by selecting the right type of lighting, then watch this video for guidance on choosing a light bulb.

Buying the right bulb for your light fixture will help ensure its better appearance and performance, and it’s important to consider energy-efficient options that last longer and require less energy than the incandescent bulbs that you’re probably accustomed to. Compact fluorescent and halogens can both save energy, and LED bulbs are incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting. If you are looking for energy-saving bulbs for a recessed downlight, then you want to select an LED indoor floodlight. Globe bulbs are great for bathroom vanity strips, and decorative bulbs can be the perfect option for a chandelier.