• A Simple Guide to Choosing a Light Bulb

    Today, many homes and business owners are looking into their options for eco-friendly lights and other ways to use less energy. If you’re hoping to save on electricity in San Jose by selecting the right type of lighting, then watch this video for guidance on choosing a light bulb.

    Buying the right bulb for your light fixture will help ensure its better appearance and performance, and it’s important to consider energy-efficient options that last longer and require less energy than the incandescent bulbs that you’re probably accustomed to. Compact fluorescent and halogens can both save energy, and LED bulbs are incredibly energy-efficient and long-lasting. If you are looking for energy-saving bulbs for a recessed downlight, then you want to select an LED indoor floodlight. Globe bulbs are great for bathroom vanity strips, and decorative bulbs can be the perfect option for a chandelier.

  • Decorating with Pendant Lighting

    When it comes to performing easy upgrades that can drastically improve the look of your home, installing new light fixtures is a smart decision. By switching out your old lights to ones with a modern design and supplying them with LED bulbs in San Jose, you can save energy and give your interiors a facelift . One popular option for you to consider is pendant lighting.

    Today, homeowners choose to install pendant lights when they want their light fixtures to be noticed. These lights come in a huge variety of styles, many of which could make for a conversation piece in your home. Pendant lights are those that hang down from ceilings or similar surfaces. These fixtures can complement everything from industrial and modern décor styles to those that are traditional or conservative. If you’re hoping to give your interiors a unique and memorable appearance, as well as a more up-to-date look, then consider your many options for pendant lighting.

    Pendant lighting

  • Should You Make the Change from Incandescent Bulbs to LED?

    When looking for ways to save on energy and lower their monthly utility bills, many homeowners are pointed toward LED bulbs . If you’re thinking about making the change from incandescent to LED lighting in San Jose, then read on to learn whether this decision is the right one for your home. The LED lighting in San Jose

    Are you environmentally conscious?

    LED bulbs are a green technology that will save you money while reducing your household’s carbon footprint. Compared to LEDs, incandescent bulbs do not last very long, and they also waste a lot of energy. It’s for these reasons that 2014 marked the beginning of a partial ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs that should take full effect in 2020. LED bulbs use significantly less energy than incandescent ones, and they also last far longer, making the choice to switch an easy one for anyone who is interested in living an eco-friendly lifestyle.

    Do you want to save money?

    LED bulbs are more expensive to buy than their incandescent equivalents. However, LEDs can function for an average of 2 decades or more, well exceeding the typical lifespan for incandescent bulbs. Additionally, LEDs can produce more light than incandescent bulbs can while using less energy. This can mean electric bill savings for anyone who changes from incandescent bulbs to LED ones. The energy-efficient benefits plus the longer lifespan of LEDs makes them a clear winner when it comes to choosing the most cost-effective lightbulbs for your home.

    Do you want lighting that is versatile?

    LEDs offer many benefits, and one of them is how adaptable and versatile they are. LED bulbs are perfect for a wide range of lighting applications because they are dimmable. Also, these bulbs can be retrofitted into most light fixtures, meaning that you should not need to invest in new ones to make the switch from incandescent lighting to LED. Because of this, few homeowners will find a good reason not to change their home’s lighting and switch to LED bulbs.

  • What Color Should You Pick for Your Fireplace Mantel?

    A fireplace can make your home feel warm and welcoming while providing a focal point and acting as room décor. Are you planning to contact a contractor in San Jose about new fireplace mantle installation ? If so, then continue reading for ideas on choosing a mantle color. Fireplace mantle installation

    Think About Your Style

    The overall look that you’ve created in the room should impact your mantle color choice. Examine the space and search for a common color, motif, or theme that represents your personal style. Doing this can be essential for maintaining your desired impression for the space because not all colors work with all décor types.

    Complement Other Features

    If the room you are working with has any colors other than neutrals, then consider pulling out a color wheel and experimenting with complementary hues. Choosing yellow to complement a purple sofa, for example, or orange to balance a blue area rug, can help bring out the best of both elements.

    Go with Something Bold

    If your home’s décor is eclectic, bohemian, or modern, then choosing a bright color can be a great choice for your fireplace mantle. Neon pink and electric blue will make an unforgettable impact on guests, and hues like pure red and bright yellow can brighten a room and create a lasting impression.

    Match It to the Walls

    If you’re hoping to create a streamlined or built-in look for your mantle, then you could benefit from matching its color to that of your walls. This technique can give the fireplace a grander appearance while simultaneously creating a seamless backdrop between the 2 elements.

    Consider the Room’s Décor

    If you’re still having trouble choosing a color for your mantle, but you are happy with the design of the rest of the space, then look to other features in the room for inspiration. Choosing a color for your mantle that’s subtly included in your draperies, area rugs, or furniture can help tie the design together. This method of selecting a color is an excellent way to incorporate your fireplace into your interior design.