• Giving Your Fireplace Mantel a Facelift

    Your fireplace can have a big impact on the look of the room in which it’s featured. Are you unhappy with the appearance of your fireplace in San Jose ? If so, then watch this video for tips on giving your fireplace mantle a facelift.

    Start by examining the size of your mantle compared to the rest of the room. If parts of it stick out more than you would like, then consider making the hearth narrower or flush with the flooring. Next, choose a streamlined look if you want the fireplace to appear more modern and new. Finally, think about how you would like to decorate the top of the mantle when settling on a design.

  • How to Get the Right Lighting for a Home Office

    The rise of digital technology has allowed more and more employees to work from home all or part of the time. If you are planning on getting tasks done from the comfort of home, you will want to make sure that you create a great lighting design for your home office. By choosing LED bulbs and lighting fixtures , you can save electricity while also preventing strain on your eyes. A contractor that specializes in LED lighting near San Jose can help you select the right fixtures to light every space in your home. Let’s explore some factors to consider when you are choosing lighting for your home office. Lighting for home office

    Consider Ambient Lighting

    When you are creating your home office lighting design, you will want to make sure that you include ambient lighting in your plans. Ambient lighting can come from a window, or from lights that are not aimed directly at your work area. With a properly planned ambient lighting design, you will be able to create a cheery and inviting atmosphere in your home office.

    Create Task Lighting

    Once you have set the mood with ambient lighting, your next project will be to work on task lighting. Task lighting is any light source that directly illuminates your work area. To avoid straining your eyes as you work, you will want to make sure that your desk receives plenty of task lighting. Task lighting can come from lamps, or can be sourced from overhead fixtures.

    Evaluate Energy Efficiency

    Energy efficiency is a final factor that you will need to consider when you are choosing lighting for your home office. If you invest in energy efficient LED lighting, you will be able to reduce the monthly energy bills that are associated with operating your home office. When you spend hours working in your home office every week, you are sure to appreciate the energy efficient performance that your LED light bulbs have to offer you. A lighting company will be thrilled to assist you with every step of setting up your home office lighting design.

  • Picking a Unique Fireplace Mantel

    A fireplace is at the heart and soul of any living room. Whether you are purchasing a new gas fireplace, or you are building a new conventional fireplace for your home, you will want to make sure that you adorn your new fireplace with a mantle that is both beautiful and functional. A fireplace contractor in San Jose can provide you with a tour of some of the mantel styles that are available for your home. From sleek, contemporary mantels to rustic mantels that feature classic designs, you will have a range of options to pick from during your installation. Here is a look at some handy tips that will help you pick a unique fireplace mantel for your home. Fireplace contractor in San Jose

    Consider Your Materials

    When you are picking a fireplace mantel, it is important to select materials that represent the overall style and décor of your living room space. Some popular materials that can be used for mantel installations include wood, metal, and natural stone. By selecting a gorgeous material for your mantel, you can make a stunning statement with your fireplace design.

    Look at Sizing Options

    Size is another factor that can be incorporated into your unique mantel installation. An oversized mantel, for example, will become a focal point for your room. If you choose a smaller mantel size, you can ensure that your fireplace blends in with your furnishings. A fireplace contractor can help you design a mantel that is appropriately sized for your interior space.

    Evaluate Styling Cues

    Ultimately, the uniqueness of your fireplace comes down to its overall style. Ideally, you will want your fireplace to feature styling cues that match your interior design scheme. If you have a very contemporary home, you may want to create a fireplace mantel out of sleek metal or natural stone materials. A natural stone mantel can be decked out with custom grout work and other beautiful design features. Once you have selected styling cues that match with your vision, you will be ready to start building your custom fireplace.

  • Design Ideas for Updating Your Fireplace

    If you would like to transform your old, outdated fireplace this winter, you may want to consider hiring fireplace contractors to help you update your fireplace design . With assistance from a team of experienced fireplace contractors in San Jose, you will be able to choose modern materials that will turn your older fireplace into a contemporary living room element. When you are planning on updating your fireplace, it is a great idea to gather some design ideas.

    A conventional wood burning fireplace is a terrific candidate for modern design accents, such as a glass mantle or natural stone hearth. To make your wood burning fireplace look even more contemporary, you may want to consider enhancing its exterior with streamlined fireplace shapes. Both wood and gas fireplaces also look great when they are designed with river rock mantels. To learn all about the design ideas that can be incorporated into your fireplace, be sure to get in touch with your local contractors.

    Modern Fireplace design in San Jose