Gas Log Conversions 101

Gas log conversion by Wright Lighting and Fireside

If you find that your conventional wood burning fireplace is too messy or cumbersome for daily use, you may want to consider a gas log conversion . During a gas log conversion, a fireplace technician will be able to convert your existing fireplace into an innovative system that is fueled by gas logs. A company that offers gas logs in San Jose will be able to answer any questions that you may have about the benefits of making the switch from a conventional fireplace. Read on for a basic overview of some of the great benefits that a new gas fireplace has to offer your household. Gas log conversion

Cleaner Burning Performance

When you light a fire in your conventional fireplace, you may notice that ash, soot, and other particles are released into your indoor air. In fact, a conventional fireplace can be a major source of indoor air pollution in the home. Converting your fireplace to a gas log unit will help you enjoy a cleaner burning fire. Gas logs will release no harmful particles into your air.

Easy Operation

While building a standard fire can be an enjoyable experience, you may find that the novelty of acquiring kindling and firewood wears off over time. A gas log fireplace will allow you to start a toasty fire, all with the mere switch of a button. Some gas fireplaces even contain remote control systems, which allow the user to ignite the fire from across the room.

Inexpensive Fuel Source

Purchasing firewood throughout the winter season can end up costing you significant amounts of money every month. Converting your conventional fireplace to a gas unit will allow you to take advantage of inexpensive natural gas. A natural gas will cost much less to fuel than your standard fireplace. As a result, you may find that you and your family members are eager to warm up next the fire throughout the coldest months of the year.