Essential Tools for Your Fireplace

Fireplace Accessories by Wright Lighting and Fireside

A beautiful and full fireplace can keep your home warm and comforting for several hours. However, keeping your fireplace near San Jose warm and welcoming is made much easier with the right tools and accessories. Continue reading for a brief look at the necessary fireplace tools and how best they can help manage your fireplace.

  • A fireplace poker or stoker is one of the most well-known fireplace accessories. It is a fireproof rod that you can use in a number of ways, such as hooking or pushing a burning piece of log or material around the fireplace.
  • A spade and broom are commonly used together to aid in cleaning up your fireplace after everything has burned down. You can easily sweep ashes and unburned materials onto the spade and dump into a nearby trashcan.
  • Tongs are another essential tool when managing a fire. You can use tongs to move burning logs around the fireplace, but you can also use them to put new materials into a hot fire.
  • You may also like to use a bellows, which is a tool that pushes air out through a narrow opening. This is typically used to build up small flames of a fire.

Fireplace Accessories by Wright Lighting and Fireside

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