Tips for Energy Efficient Lighting Design

LED light bulbs in San Jose, CA

When you begin developing your new lighting design, look for eco-friendly lights in San Jose. Eco-friendly lights and designs can help you save significant energy costs and improve your influence on the environment. There are a few different ways, such as scheduling your light usage and using low-energy lightbulbs, that will help you save money and create a more energy-efficient house. Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Tip #1: Convert to Energy Efficient Lightbulbs

Whether you are updating your current lighting or creating a brand new lighting design, it is best to complete your project with eco-friendly lights. The most commonly used eco-friendly options are light-emitting diodes, also known as LEDs, and compact fluorescent lamps, known as CFLs. Both of these lighting options burn much cooler than traditional incandescent lights, and they will last years longer. When you install your LED bulbs, you will be saving the environment and saving on energy costs.

Tip #2: Schedule Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

It is not unheard of to use timed or scheduled lighting designs for outdoor lighting. This same practice should be utilized indoors, as well. By keeping your lights on a schedule, you can better regulate the amount of energy you use. For example, you may use a timer or motion sensor feature for your lights in various rooms throughout your home. In the event you or a family member turn on a light and leave the room, it will automatically turn off within a few minutes.

Tip #3: Utilize Natural Sunlight

Another way to create energy-efficient lighting is by utilizing as much natural light as possible. By angling your window blinds to allow in indirect sunlight, you can refrain from turning on your lamps and overhead lights for as long as possible. Keep direct sunlight from entering your home, though. The sun may fade your interior flooring and paint, and if your home heats up due to the sun, you may incur more energy costs by keeping your air conditioner running constantly.