The Long Lives of LED Lights

LED lighting in San Jose, CA

When purchasing products to use in your home, you typically try to find an equilibrium between practicality, affordability, and energy efficiency. Take lighting, for example; you want a product that will provide ample light without costing a fortune in energy bills. That’s where LED lights come in. To learn more about how you can save a considerable amount on lighting, reach out to LED lighting specialists in San Jose .

One of the main reasons why LED lights are so popular is because they last for a long, long time. Incandescent lightbulbs typically last for little over 1,000 hours. While that may sound like a lot at first, it really isn’t when you compare it to the 50,000-hour lifespan of your average LED light. To put that into perspective, that’s about 15 years or more of average light usage, or 5.7 years of continuous usage. Though LED bulbs may cost more than incandescent bulbs at first, you more than make up the cost in energy savings and bulb replacement costs over time. LED lights provide the same amount of light as other bulbs on the market, but use just 10 to 15% of the energy.

Long lives of LED lights

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