How to Use Recessed Lighting in Your Home

Recessed lighting in San Jose, CA

It’s important to think of lighting as a part of your interior décor. Not just any light will do—certain configurations will highlight your design elements better than others. Recessed lighting has become popular in recent years because it provides ample lighting without drawing too much attention to itself. If you’re considering recessed lighting for your home, let lighting professionals in San Jose provide a helping hand. In the meantime, consider this guide on how to use recessed lighting in your home. Recessed lighting for home


Recessed lighting is installed inside the ceiling, freeing up the vertical space in your home. There are several places where recessed lighting is most effective. For instance, many homeowners choose to install recessed lighting beneath cabinets, where it can provide a sufficient amount of light for meal preparation. In that respect, recessed lighting serves as a decorative yet functional accent. Recessed lighting can also be used for whole-room overhead lighting. You might consider using recessed lighting this way if you have low ceilings.


Once you determine where you want to install recessed lighting, you’ll need to figure out the spacing. This all depends on the size of the room and the amount of lighting you want. For instance, you’ll probably want a considerable amount of light in your kitchen, whereas fewer lights would likely suffice for your living room. For help determining the appropriate spacing, turn to a team of lighting experts in San Jose.


After settling on the basics, it’s time to decide on fixtures and bulbs. The most efficient and cost-effective solution is to go with LED bulbs, which can last years longer than their incandescent counterparts. Have a lighting expert help you determine which wattage will help you achieve your stylistic goals. If you like versatility, for example, consider going with a bulb that has a dimmer option.