LED Lighting Advantages

LED lighting expert in San Jose, CA

Like most homeowners, you probably don’t put much thought into which lightbulbs you buy. Incandescent, LED, CFL—what’s the difference? As it turns out, there’s quite a bit of difference. If you’re interested in installing more efficient lighting in your home, contact an LED lighting expert in San Jose.

This video highlights some of the benefits that LED light bulbs to have over traditional incandescent bulbs and CFL bulbs. For one, CFL bulbs have mercury in them and can cause significant harm if they break. Also, LED bulbs last much longer than any other bulbs on the market, and don’t get nearly as hot. Finally, modern LED bulbs give off a pleasant soft white glow that most homeowners have come to expect from their lightbulbs. There truly is no reason to pick traditional lightbulbs over sophisticated LED bulbs.