How to Choose Bathroom Light Fixtures

Modern bathroom lighting in San Jose, CA

You may not think your bathroom lighting in San Jose should be important, but it’s what is going to light up your entire area for everyone to see. Guests will remember your bathroom colors, knickknacks, and theme because they were lit up with beautiful bathroom lights. Choosing your bathroom light fixtures may depend on the size of your bathroom, but there are a few different ideas that may work for just about every bathroom size.

Bathroom light fixtures

Functional Lighting

The most common lighting you will find in the bathroom will probably be over or around the mirror. This is where most people spend the majority of their time in the bathroom; checking their appearance and looking at the mirror as they brush their teeth. You can still give your bathroom some flair with attractive sconces, colored lights, or etchings in the fixtures holding up the lights. Keep in mind that this type of functional lighting will typically be the brightest and most noticeable lighting in your bathroom. Be sure it is something you and your family can live with for a long time.

Ambience Lighting

Depending on the size of your bathroom, as well as the wall or tiling design, you can install ambient lighting throughout the bathroom. This might be in the form of recessed lighting located in your shower or bathtub to show off the specific design or color tile you had installed there. Ambient lighting can be whatever color and wherever you would like; just don’t expect to use it often for tasks, like you would with the overhead lighting around the mirror.

Accented Lighting

Accents, in design, color, or lighting, tend to give a bathroom character. They stand out and make a guest remember the details of the room they were just in. Your accented lighting may include colored bulbs, frosted glass in your shower door, or even a small chandelier above your garden tub. No matter your desire, there is the perfect accent lighting out there for everyone.