A Look at Our Energy Efficient Solutions

When you choose Wright Lighting and Fireside for your home lighting needs, we will work closely with you to help you create a lighting design that meets your needs for style and energy efficiency. In fact, our lighting fixtures are available in a range of energy-efficient options that will help you preserve the environment, while also cutting back on your monthly energy bills. One of the most popular options for modern lighting in San Jose is the LED light bulb. With LED lights, your light fixtures will consume up to 15 percent less power than conventional installations. Over the years, this efficiency can save you hundreds of dollars on your energy expenses. With their 15-year life expectancy, LED light bulbs also require very infrequent replacement. For more information about the fantastic, energy-efficient options that we have to offer you, be sure to contact our lighting showroom near San Jose.

Energy Efficient Solution by Wright Lighting and Fireside