How to Choose the Right Light Bulbs

Light Bulb

When you walk into a store to buy new light bulbs, you will often find dozens and dozens of different kinds of bulbs. Choosing the right kind of lighting for your home can be a challenge because there are so many options. Don’t let this scare you off. The truth is that you can find the right bulbs for all of your lighting fixtures near San Jose in just a few minutes if you know what you are looking for. Here is how to choose the right bulbs.

Decide how bright you want your light bulbs to shine.

Are you looking for just enough light for a small den, or do you need a lot of light for your kitchen space? Regardless, you are going to want to check the packaging on light bulbs and pay close attention to the number of lumens they will provide. Most homeowners use 60-watt incandescent light bulbs to light up rooms, and they produce about 800 lumens. However, you now have the option to upgrade to LED lights, and all you need to do to upgrade is find LED lights that produce the same number of lumens.

Read the fine print to make sure light bulbs are ideal for your lighting fixtures.

Two light bulbs might look exactly the same, but this does not mean that they are equipped to provide light in certain types of lighting fixtures. For example, there are many light bulbs that cannot be used in some ceiling fans. They will burn out very quickly if you attempt to use them in the wrong kind of lighting fixture and could even cause electrical issues, so make sure you choose bulbs that will work in your specific fixtures.

Look for the ENERGY STAR logo.

ENERGY STAR LED light bulbs will distribute the light that they create evenly and send it out in all directions. More importantly, the ENERGY STAR logo indicates that light bulbs are energy efficient . This will ensure that you keep your energy bills as low as possible when you install your new light bulbs.