A Look at Monorail Lighting

Wright Lighting and Fireside Logo If you want flexible lighting that allows you to point, add, and move your lighting fixtures as you please, you should take a closer look at Monorail lighting. Read on to learn more about why Monorail lighting is one of the most popular forms of modern lighting in San Jose .

Unlike track lighting, which is always straight and fairly simple, Monorail lighting is hand-bendable. This allows you to make any shape you like out of the lighting fixture and place the lights anywhere along the rail. Because Monorail lighting oftentimes runs on 12 volts, you will probably need a transformer. Wright Lighting and Fireside can plan, design, and install a low-voltage Monorail lighting system and transformer for you. We have a wide variety of directions fixtures and pendants in many sizes and glass shades. Attractive Monorail lighting can be used in the kitchen, dining room table, the bedroom, and even outdoors.