A Look at the Hottest Light Fixture Trends

Light Fixture Trends in San Jose, CA Lighting is a very important element of interior design, but it is often overlooked. Whether they are outdoor lights, kitchen lights, or bathroom lights, the right lighting in a home can set the mood, and make you feel secure and comfortable. If you’re looking for tips on lighting in San Jose , keep reading for more information.

Colorful Lights

Colorful lights can make your outdoor lighting or landscape lighting look inventive and cheerful. Green lights in your trees or lighting the pathway to your garden will make your plants look lush, even at night. In the home, a lamp with a colorful base or lampshade can complement your home décor, or add an inspiring new aesthetic to your home. Many hanging lamps that you may use as kitchen lighting or bathroom lighting have glass shades that are painted in colorful patterns and textures. This surprising burst of color can enhance your interior design.

Modern Light Fixtures

Modern light fixtures are often monochromatic, oversized, made of organic elements or organic-inspired design, or embrace a sleek, minimalist feel. If your interior design has a modern feel, you should consider a modern light fixture to tie your design elements together. These modern pieces often use luxurious fabrics for lampshades, or incorporate chrome, beads, or crystals to create an intriguing glow. Chandeliers are often used in surprising places, such as bathroom lighting over a bathtub, or in a nursery.

Retro Light Fixtures

If you don’t want to embrace the modern aesthetic, you may be interested in more vintage, classic, or retro designs. Your lighting fixtures can be as eclectic and creative as you are. Many designers are now using sculptural metals, reclaimed materials, or revitalizing outdated lighting technology to create fun and exciting new light fixtures. Wire birdcages, vintage Edison bulbs, and glass lanterns can be used to stunning effect, especially when juxtaposed with modern furniture and design elements.