The Homeowner’s Guide to LED Lighting

LED Lighting installers in San Jose

Guide to LED Lighting If you want to save energy at home, a simple and cheap way to start is by changing out your old fluorescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. With LED lighting options, you can receive the same amount of light as conventional lighting technologies while using up to 90 percent less energy. This means you can save hundreds of dollars over the life of each bulb, which will more than cover the cost of the bulbs and any LED light fixture installation. Here are some important things to know about LED lighting.

Energy Savings

LEDs require only a fraction of the energy needed to illuminate traditional incandescent bulbs. Not only do LED bulbs require less energy , but they also have a remarkably long lifespan. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a 12-watt LED has a bulb life of 25,000 hours. Compare that with a bulb life of only 1,000 hours for a 60-watt incandescent bulb and you can begin to realize the potential long-term savings by switching to LED lighting.

Direction and Heat

LEDs emit light in a specific direction, reducing the need for reflectors and diffusers. With other types of lighting, the light must be reflected to the desired direction. Unfortunately, more than half of the light may never leave the fixture. Not only is this incredibly inefficient, but it can also lead to poor lighting. Another benefit of LED lighting is that it emits very little heat. This means LED lighting is ideal for reading lamps, bathroom lights, and other close lighting fixtures where heat would be a problem.

Common LED Fixtures

LED replacement bulbs can replace 40-, 60-, and even 75-watt incandescent bulbs. You can also find LED products at your local San Jose home lighting showroom that are specially designed to take advantage of LED light benefits. Kitchen under-cabinet lighting, for example, can transform your kitchen into a dramatic space. Recessed LED downlights are also popular light fixtures, commonly used in kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.