How to Light Your Living Room

Whether it’s for reading or relaxing, the right lighting can help you live better and more comfortably. Interior lighting can also add a lot of depth and style to your living spaces. If you’re considering a lighting renovation in your living room, consider the following tips to select the right fixtures and design the right layout to improve the overall look and feel of your space. You should also consult a light design expert at your local San Jose lighting showroom for more tips and advice.

Consider the Room’s Décor

Light Your Living Room Before you begin shopping for light fixtures, take some time to consider the décor and dominant theme of your living room. This will help you select light fixtures that complement the design of your living room and improve the overall look and feel of the space. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with redesigning your living room around a few breathtaking light fixtures.

Create Layers of Light

Now that you are able to shop for the right light fixtures, it’s time to think about the lighting design of the living room. Any good lighting design scheme creates layers of light using different types of fixtures to accomplish different ends. Ambient lighting generates a comfortable light level for general visibility, task lighting provides direct light for tasks such as writing and reading, and accent lighting enhances the cosmetic appeal of the space. Your San Jose lighting company can help you select the best fixtures to create layers of ambient, task, and accent lighting.

Incorporate Mirrors

If you want to increase the dramatic effect of your new lighting scheme, incorporate wall mirrors around your living room. Mirrors magnify light and create the appearance of space, thus opening up your living room and accentuating the beautiful new light fixtures.