Finding Bulbs for LED Lights

LEDs use only 20 to 25 percent of the energy used by incandescent bulbs, while lasting 25 times longer, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. If you want to add attractive, eco-friendly light to your home, Wright Lighting and Fireside has a great selection of LED lighting fixtures in San Jose. To learn more about how you can find bulbs for LED lights, read on.

LED light bulbs Lumens

Your first step is to find an LED bulb that produces the desired amount of light, which is measured in lumens. This unit of measurement tells you the amount of light, or the brightness, that the human eye observes from the light. Any time you buy a modern light bulb, the outside of the package lists the number of lumens produced.


Next, you will need to determine how many watts you need to get in an LED bulb. Watts is a measurement of electrical power. The wattage tells you how much energy the light fixture uses when the bulb is in place.

Relative Efficiency

Always compare the watts of a given lightbulb with the lumens it produces; this is an indication of the relative efficiency of the LED bulb. LEDs can typically produce the same number of lumens using 9 to 12 watts that a standard incandescent bulb would require 40 to 60 watts to produce.

Light Quality

The final consideration is the quality of light, which is its tone, color, and overall feel. Certain LED lights produce a pale, cold light, which some people do not like for home lighting. If you want to know more about the lighting options that our family-owned business has to offer you, visit our light lab—one of the only functional light labs in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have a great selection of LED lighting that mimics the warm light quality of conventional bulbs.