A Brief Guide to Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting in San Jose Landscape lighting makes your yard more stylish and even enhances the safety of your home. To learn more about your options for landscape lighting in San Jose , visit Wright Lighting and Fireside. We have one of the only light labs in the San Francisco Bay Area, which includes outdoor lighting, bathroom lighting, and kitchen lighting. If you’re considering landscape lighting, read below for a short introduction.

Landscape lighting is low voltage and very easy to work with. To install landscape lighting, you will need a transformer that reduces your 120-volt household electricity to 12 volts, which is safer and uses less energy. Contact a professional landscape lighting specialist for installation, as they will be familiar with how to arrange the lights to create the best visual effect. After your lights have been installed, they will need to be cleaned regularly to keep them free of debris, which can cause overheating. Find light fixtures made of copper, stainless steel, or brass for the best longevity.