• Got a New Fireplace? Plan a Romantic Date Night at Home!

    One of the many benefits of installing a new fireplace is that date night can now happen at home. With the glow of a fire, it’s easy to set the stage for a romantic evening that doesn’t have to eat into your tight budget. If you have a new fireplace in San Jose , then […]

  • Mixing and Matching Your Bathroom Lighting

    When you’re considering lighting for your bathroom, your first inclination may be that it doesn’t need much more than an overhead light. In reality, while lighting in the bathroom is often overlooked, mixing and matching your light sources can make the room feel more comfortable and useful. Fortunately, LED lighting makes it easier than ever […]

  • How to Keep Your Natural Gas Fireplace Clean

    To get the most out of your gas fireplace, you have to stay on top of maintenance, including regular cleaning. It’s easier than you may think to clean your gas fireplace so that you can continue to reap its benefits. If you’ve converted your fireplace to gas in San Jose and are ready to clean […]

  • Why Every Home Should Have Outdoor Lighting

    Outdoor lighting is both beautiful and functional, and thanks to LED lighting solutions, it is more eco-friendly than ever before. In fact, outdoor lighting can now be comfortably part of your commitment to green living, alongside your other eco-friendly lights. If you’re on the fence about installing outdoor LED lighting in San Jose , here […]

  • Illuminate Your Art Collection with Beautiful Wall Sconces

    If you’re looking for a simple yet aesthetically pleasing way to light up your home, consider the possibilities of wall sconces . Wall sconces are freestanding light fixtures that come in a wide array of sizes and styles. They are extremely popular in homes thanks to their versatility and ease of use. A wall sconce […]

  • Spotlight on Chandelier Types and Styles

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  • Vented vs. Vent-Free Gas Logs

    If you’re considering making the investment in a gas log this winter, you’ll need to decide whether you want to go with a model that is vented or one that is vent-free. There are a number of differences between the two types of gas logs. For example, vented gas logs can more closely replicate the […]

  • Aging in Place Safely with the Right Lighting

    As you get older, the risk of suffering serious harm from a fall increases. While many people tend to associate injuries with the outdoors, many of the worst slip and fall accidents happen in the home. This means that it becomes more and more important to take precautions in your home—or in a loved one’s […]

  • What Are the Benefits of Converting to a Gas Fireplace?

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  • Avoid These Common Outdoor Lighting Mistakes

    Making the right decisions when it comes to your outdoor lighting can offer a range of benefits, such as enhancing your home’s appearance or helping you save electricity in San Jose . Continue reading to learn about some common mistakes you should avoid when it comes to outdoor lighting. Creating Glare When positioned poorly, outdoor […]