Blog Posts in November, 2014

The Benefits of Using Sconce Lighting

A good interior lighting design is all about combining ambient, task, and accent lighting. Wall sconces can be used to create any level of your lighting design, giving you flexibility with your ...
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All About Wright Lighting and Fireside

Since 1957, Wright Lighting and Fireside has provided San Jose residents the right lighting and fireplace solutions for their homes. From whole-home lighting designs to individual light fixtures, ...
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Review Us!

If you like our product selection and had a positive experience with us at Wright Lighting & Fireside then please review us on our Google Plus page!
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Benefits of LED Lights

If you're thinking about upgrading the lighting fixtures in your home, consider the amazing benefits of LEDs. Light emitting diode (LED) bulbs offer significant performance advantages over ...
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How to Light Your Living Room

Whether it's for reading or relaxing, the right lighting can help you live better and more comfortably. Interior lighting can also add a lot of depth and style to your living spaces. If you're ...
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