Blog Posts in December, 2014

Comparing LEDs with Other Types of Lighting

Whether you are trying to update your interior or your exterior lighting, you want to find fixtures and light bulbs that give you optimal style and function. Keep reading to see how LED lights compare ...
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We Want to Hear From You!

Hey we're always excited to hear from our happy customers! If you've had a positive experience with us then review us on our Google Plus page!
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LED Lighting for Your Home

LEDs are the latest trend in home lighting. Not only are LED bulbs energy efficient, but they offer a wider array of colors and dimming capabilities than standard incandescent bulbs. To learn more ...
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Spotlight on the San Jose Light Lab

You can look at specs all day long, but what matters most when shopping for home light fixtures is what your eyes see and what appeals to you. That's why if you're in the market for new ...
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50 Shades of White [INFOGRAPHIC]

When some people think about how to make their San Jose homes more energy efficient, they think of replacing large appliances, such as the refrigerator or the washing machine. While these improvements ...
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The Homeowner's Guide to LED Lighting

If you want to save energy at home, a simple and cheap way to start is by changing out your old fluorescent light bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs. With LED lighting options, you can receive the same ...
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