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Does it feel like your home is missing something? Do you want to add more warmth and ambiance? Perhaps you've been considering updating your home light fixtures or fireplace. At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we can provide you with an amazing array of products as well as offer repair and installation services. We have been family owned and operated since 1957 and are known throughout the Bay Area for our great service, wide selection of timeless designs, and reasonable prices. Call us today at 408-979-0800 to get started!

At Wright Lighting and Fireside, we pride ourselves on our warm and friendly service. Our whole staff has an extensive expertise in design to provide you with custom lighting installation and design that fits exactly what you want. We are a little store with a large selection and old-fashion service that you can trust.

We offer many services to give your home the look and feel you want:

Quality Service, Every Step of the Way

When you come to us, we are here for you every step of the way. We take into account your unique style and can work with your specific budget. All of us also implement a consultative approach to working with contractors, designers, electricians, and homeowners. We make it our goal and main focus to provide excellent customer service and help you find the best lighting, fireplace, and accents for your home.

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We invite you to come and visit our huge showroom in San Jose. All of us at Wright Lighting and Fireside look forward to working with you and exploring the endless possibilities for your home! Contact us today at 408-979-0800 to learn more about what we can do for you.

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